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Emergency Management Guidelines For Faculty Business & Economics

Emergency Contact Numbers & Information

The first response for dealing with any potential emergency is to CALL FOR HELP .It is important for FBE staff and students to know and access phone numbers to key people and responders within their campus and community who can rapidly respond to and deal with the emergency.


It is important to know what to do in the event of a fire affecting your building , it can save your life and those persons around you


FBE Building Fire Wardens


Building Fire Wardens are USP staff who has received training from the National Fire Authority to conduct basic building fire safety preparedness and response activities, including using firefighting equipment and conducting building evacuations.

There are 2 types of Building fire wardens in USP

Chief Building Fire wardens is in charge of a group of floor wardens and coordinate building fire safety activities and the evacuation of persons to the designated assembly area

Floor Fire wardens are responsible for basic fire safety activities and evacuation of persons in their area of responsibility within the building to designated emergency assembly areas

Similarly there are fire wardens for other Faculty buildings around laucala Campus

Pacific Islands Center for Public Administration, MBA Graduate School of Business are located at the Statham Campus.

The School of Land Management & Development is located at Tagimoucia Street at the Upper Campus


Building & Room Evacuation Plans

It is a mandatory safety requirement for Buildings and Rooms have evacuation plans for Fire placed for occupants to read

For a copy of the evacuation plans for your building or room email the OHS unit and a soft copy can be sent to you to have it placed in your building or room

State on your email , the building , floor level and the room in which the evacuation plan is to be placed.

Emergency Assembly Areas for Fire

An Emergency Assembly Area is a designated safe area or location specific for a hazardous event e.g. emergency assembly area for fire and evacuation site for tsunami, flooding or cyclones.

Faculty Business & Economics Staff and Students must use the following Emergency Assembly Areas for Fire whenever a Building fire alarm sounds and evacuation is ordered. 


 Fiji is located within the Pacific Ocean Ring of Fire, and as such is susceptible to earthquakes .Earthquakes may range from slight earth tremors to violent ground upheavals resulting in a lot of destruction and deaths.

The immediate causes of injury and death to persons in buildings occurring from earthquakes result from falling or falling objects, structural collapse and fires and electrocutions from live electrical wires. Persons trapped under structural debris are often asphyxiated from dust and lack of fresh air.

Submarine earthquakes leading to tsunamis can exponentially increase destruction and deaths along populated coast lines.

It is important for all persons to be aware of what to do during and after an earthquake has occurred.

Earthquakes Advisory Laucala Campus

Earthquake Tsunami Poster


Tsunami Hazard Zone


The Laucala Campus is located within the tsunami hazard zone of the Suva peninsula.

The Statham Campus,Lower and Middle Campus as well as low lying areas of the upper campus where FBE Main Building and School of land management & development are situated within this tsunami hazard zone.

It is important for anyone using these campuses to be aware of the designated tsunami evacuation sites on Laucala campus and the most suitable routes to these sites from their locality.

Tsunami Information Brochure Laucala Campus 

Tsunami evacuation sites in Laucala Campus are all located at Upper Campus close to residential halls which are all located on inland, high grounds overlooking the laucala bay area.

Tsunami Evacuation Procedures

Rain Storms & Cyclones

 All USP campuses in the South Pacific Region are susceptible to cyclones during the months between November to April.

Itís important to be well prepared for these cyclones before they happen, and take all precautions during and after cyclones have occurred.

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