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"Students Forum" - Linking The University and its Students.

Student at Labasa Campus gathered on Friday 19th May, 2017 as part of the Director's and Pacific TAFE organized student forum session at the campus RCCCE lecture room from 11am to 1pm.

The forum aimed at gathering information from the students, reaching a consensus, identifying strengths and weaknesses, sharing information and planning ways to ensure that student's get the maximum benefit of their learning. Students had been encourages to bring to light pressing issues that affected their studies and this was referred to the Director Labasa campus, PacTAFE Suva and also to the USP Labasa campus Student Association. 

All issues that were discussed were delivered in good faith and the campus Director responded with practical and realistic measures to improve the services for students at USP Labasa campus.

"Being a student at Labasa campus has allowed me to enjoy the benefits of both comfort and joy of staying at home and pursuing my tertiary studies," says final year student Hemant Rao.

Labasa campus vies to ensure that all student that are enrolled into Labasa campus succeed and that they receive the benefit of all that USP services has for them.

The student were also empowered by information received from the SAS officer Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, who shared information on semester II enrollment process, examination information & timetable and they were told to see him for any other student clarifications and services.

Student Learning Specialist Mrs. Jiupili Simmons discussed issues on student academic support, studies strategies and encouraged students to always aspire to succeed.

Pacific TAFE Co-ordinator, Mr. Sumiran Pratap motivated students to always work hard, be mindful of the finances paid for the students studies and put their effort and time to the right use, in order to pass and complete their different programmes.  

Student were also made to realize that with the right kind of motivation, inspiration, drive, attitude and willpower, success and the manifestation of their dreams into a reality for all USP Labasa campus students.

In closing the Director wished all USP Labasa campus students, well for their upcoming semester I final exams.

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