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USP Students Association - Emalus Campus (USPSA-EC)


To liaise and collaborate with the campus management, authorities and other organizations with the foresight of accommodating issues affecting the interests and needs of all students (USPSA-EC members).

2014 Updates

USPSA – Emalus Campus Tamtam

This is a brief update on the activities carried out so far by the USPSA-EC, 2014.

  1. USP Emalus Campus Community Appeal for relief of Cyclone Victims in Vanuatu.
  2. Welcome Combine Service
  3. Welcome Combine Social Night
  4. Appointment of Constitutional Review Committee (Report Completed)
  5. USPSA Council Meeting [Mid-Semester]
  6. Appointment of Constitutional Drafting Committee (Ongoing)
  7. Appointment of Chairpersons (and members) for Standing Committees
  8. Upcoming 1st Semester Closing Social Night
  9. Upcoming 1st Semester Closing Combine Service
  10. Consultation with Cultural or Association Leaders

Important Points

The Executive noted the need to fully review the Constitution of 2009.


  • USPSA-EC to meaningfully engage with the Campus Administration
  • Working Committees to function effectively
  • Need to equip the USPSA Office.
  • Initiate Community Programs.
  • Initiate relevant Student Activities.
  • Assist in collecting information for improvement of Student Services.
  • Provide systems to coordinate collation of petitions, issues and complaints.
  • Appointments of Chairperson to Standing Committees.
  • Proper assignment of functional responsibilities (ongoing review work).


  • The USPSA-EC Constitution is expected to be ready by June 2014.
  • The USPSA Federal Office will be holding a meeting with the Emalus Review Team to look at the Federal Constitution, Bylaws and Policies in June 2014.
  • USPSA-EC will Host the USPSA 11th Council Meeting in September 2014.


Key Activities

  • Every beginning of each semester, it is a common tradition that USPSA-EC hosts a church service followed by a USPSA-EC social to officially welcome returning and first-time students to Emalus campus. Likewise, a gathering is held at the end of each semester to say goodbye to graduating students and to seek blessings for exams and the holiday season.
  • In between these fixed activities, it is up to each USPSA-EC council to decide what activities that should be included in their yearly calendar of events.
  • The annual “USPSA-EC PASIFIKA FEST” allows students to showcase their cultures and traditions. The rule of the Miss USPSA-EC PASIFIKA FEST pageant is that contestants may not be female.
  • Open day is perhaps the major highlight of every year for the students. It’s when students get a rare opportunity to showcase their traditions and culture and to display what the law school stands for, through mooting competitions and other means.
  • USPSA-EC committees include:

    • Executive committee
    • Academic committee
    • Fundraising committee
    • Dining Hall committee
    • Sports and Social committee
    • Public and International Relations committee

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