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Preparation for Higher Education Workshop (PHEW!)

A university preparation programme for first year students Preparation for Higher Education Workshop (PHEW!) 

PHEW! is a two-week programme starting two weeks before the Orientation Week and continues with Refresher and Induction Programme (RIP) to prepare first year scholarship students of USP to address the demands of university studies such as critical thinking; seminar presentations; developing argument in writing; note-taking in lectures, and, using electronic resources, the USP Learning Management System and ICT tools (including smartphones & tablets).

The social and cultural induction is designed keeping the needs of a new student in a new country.   Meeting and interacting with students from other countries will make students feel they are not the only ones suffering from homesickness and loneliness. The programme promotes a lot of group work and pair-and-share activities which ensure that students interact with people from different backgrounds. They end up becoming a support system for each other and their group. When the students go into the undergraduate courses they have enrolled in (after completion of PHEW!), they will know at least one person in class who would have attended the PHEW! class.

Not limited to preparing students to the academic demands, PHEW! also takes the students out of the classroom for guest lectures, a business expo and a field trip.   All-in-all, PHEW! is a sound academic and social integration programme that ensures our students practise and gain academic, cultural and social competence required for a successful livelihood at USP. 

The programme costs $450 per student inclusive of all course materials, events and field trips.

At the end of the programme, there is an awards night where students receive certificates.  

Students are assessed for the following skills: 

  • ICT 
  • Speaking skills
  • Reading skills 
  • Listening and Note-Taking skills
  • Synthesising information/writing

At the end of the course all students are awarded certificates. The best student from each class is identified and awarded a tablet. In addition, an all-rounder PHEW! award is presented to the student who not only excels academically but is successful in all spheres of the programme. 

For any further information please contact:
Jyoti Prasad
Email: jyoti.o.prasad(at)usp.ac.fj
Phone: 3231910 

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