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Peer Assisted Study Sessions

Peer Assisted Study Session are group discussions led by PASS leaders. PASS leaders are high achieving students who are trained to conduct group sessions. PASS Leaders attend lectures with you. They meet up with your Course coordinators; they develop games, puzzles, activities to reinforce difficult concepts learnt in the week’s lecture. PASS leaders engage students in these activities, get them to argue, justify, contextualise and come up with the right answer. PASS is free. It is offered 4-6 times a week. Students who took PASS last semester did better than their class average. Join PASS to pass.

Peer Mentoring

Senior Peer Mentoring – interactive study groups led by a high achieving, 2nd and 3rd year students.

The overall goal of this programme is to encourage independent learning and a satisfying university study. The peer mentor generally works with a group of students to consolidate understanding and develop effective study strategies. Peer mentoring is more needs based and students bring along questions and concepts they want to discuss with the Mentor. (Note: tutorial questions will not be answered during the session but rather similar examples can be looked at to help you grasp the concept.)Peer mentoring is a free service for all FSTE students. Students who were mentored last semester excelled in their studies.

To sign up for a Peer Mentor

Click onto this link goo.gl/forms/ZPvYCFlPr3 or visit the SLS Hub.


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