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Associate Professor in Physics at USP, Dr Sushil Kumar (left) with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International) of the University of Otago, Professor Vernon Squire.

Our faculty is committed to internationally recognized research which meets the needs and aspirations of Pacific island communities. The Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment has identified research priority areas which respond directly to the needs of the south Pacific in the areas of:  

1.     Biodiversity & Conservation (Group leader: Dr. Gilianne Brodie, and Deputy Leader, vacant)

2.     Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (Group leader: Dr. Eberhard Weber, and Co-leader: Dr. Johann Poinapen, johann.poinapen(at)

3.     ICT Research (Group Leader: vacanct and Co-leader,  Prof. Sushil Kumar,

4.     Natural Resources & Food Science (Group leader: Prof. Surendra Prasad, and Co - leader , vacant)

5.     Renewable Energy (Group leader: Prof. Rafiuddin Ahmed, and Co-leader Dr. Atul Raturi,

6.     Open Research (Group leader: Dr. Robin Havea, and Co-leader Dr. M. G. M. Khan,

Contact us:

Professor Sushil Kumar, Associate Dean (Research & Graduate Affairs) ( Ph. +679 323 2144

Ms Naomi Naliva (Administrative Assistant) (naomi.naliva(at) Ph. +679 323 2449

Mr Viliamu Powell (ACIAR-USP GA Officer) (viliamu.powell(at) Ph. + 679 323 2804

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