Theme: “Embracing Innovation, Creating Opportunities”

19 April – 22 April

The University of the South Pacific (USP) with its diverse student background understands the need to encourage and assist its students, graduates and members of the community to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and relevant skills.

Due to the growing importance of the need to develop and promote entrepreneurial awareness and skills for all our stakeholders in Fiji and the region, USP is once again organizing the Annual Entrepreneurial Fair which will officially begin on 19 April 2022.

In one inspiring week, USP’s inaugural Entrepreneurial Fair aims to bring together an amazing group of influencers and successful entrepreneurs, as well as NGOs and government stakeholders to share their unconventional and in some cases their unexpected insights into what it takes to launch, fund, sustain and grow a small and medium business.

The week long programme is not only open to USP students and alumni, but to the general public as well, considering the importance of promoting entrepreneurship to the community of Fiji and the Region.

The week long programme includes entrepreneurial skills development sessions, motivational speeches from successful entrepreneurs (local and regional), funding options and various small/medium business development topics.

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