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USP has appointed Chaplain and a Section (Campus life) that assists in the development of opportunities on our campuses (especially Laucala Campus Suva, Fiji) for students, staff of various faiths to practice their religion while being part of the University Community.

The University has developed a Religion and Belief Policy that was accepted by University Senate in 2016 which gives overall direction to all members of the USP Family in regards to religious activities on all Campuses across the Pacific.

The purpose of the Religion and Belief Policy is to reinforce the fact that The University of The South Pacific is a diverse community of people many of whom have religious and other beliefs. As part of its commitment to equality and diversity and to creating a tolerant and inclusive community, the University recognises it is important that all are treated with equal dignity and respect, which includes respect for religious or other beliefs.

The University is concerned with permitting and facilitating the free practice of religion by its staff and students on its numerous Campuses and Centres. The USP Religion and Belief Policy details the ways in which the University demonstrates respect for religious and other faith based beliefs. This policy also covers non-belief. The University recognises the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. The University does not seek to control or restrict religious activity but rather to provide a means, as described below, for its expression.

However, people while giving expression to their belief individually or in association should be sensitive in seeking to spread their religious belief and avoid any action, which suggests coercion, dishonest or unworthy persuasion. Employees and students are not to engage in proselytising while on University property. The right to manifest beliefs is qualified by the need to protect the rights and freedoms of others.

The University is home to a Chaplaincy at Laucala Campus that promotes friendly relations between different religions and faith traditions.

The University does not allow open proselytising. All religious faith- based organizations which are wishing to have access to and use USP facilities and hold religious activities on any campus of USP must be registered and approved annually. Approved Religious Groups will be granted access to closed USP Rooms (where possible) to meet with their members during each semester.

In addition, the University promotes opportunities for understanding of various faiths and non-faith beliefs by openly encouraging participation in various religious festivals on campus each year such as Easter; Prophet Muhammed’s birthday: Holi; Christmas;

On-campus religious groups and services should be registered with GM Campus Life. For further information please contact Campus Life Office or email chaplain(at)

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