Terms & Conditions for Rental of Textbooks


How the Rental Program will work?

  • A number of course has been identified for the rental program.
  • Rent out new textbook if available at 50% of Full price of the book.
  • Buy Ex-Rental copies at 50% of full price of the book
  • Rent ex-rental copies at 30% of Full price of the book
  • Students can also Rent at First and then pay the balance of 50% before the end of the semester
  • Students will sign a triplicate textbook rental agreement.
  • Rental textbooks must be returned in a saleable condition by the last day of the final exam in each semester with one (1) week grace period.
  • Returns after the grace period will incur late penalty of 10% of full cost of the book.
  • Returns after 30 days from the due date would not be accepted.
  • Failure to return the rented book by the due date (i.e. by the last day of final exam week) would result in academic results being withheld with the assistance of USP Finance office.

Some Questions and Answers

  • What if student loses the textbook? It is the student’s responsibility to pay the full price of the textbook.
  • What if the textbook (including CD or DVD) is damaged? The Book Centre will assess its condition and sellability.
    If not in a saleable condition, the students will be asked to pay full price of the textbook. If the book is sellable at reduced cost, the student will be asked to pay the difference between the full price and expected selling price of the damaged book taking into account the rental price paid.
  • How can I make sure my rental books were returned? Book Centre staff will sign the rental agreement copies (student and file a copy) as textbook being received. Student copy will be given back to the student for safe keeping avoid any disputes. It is student’s responsibility to keep the signed copy.


BOOK CENTRE will issue a Refund for textbooks returned within 7 days of purchase under the following circumstances:

  • Withdrawal from the unit of study
  • Incorrect textbook purchased for unit of study
  • Exemption granted from a unit of study

Before a refund is issued Customers are required to:

  • Produce sales receipt as proof of purchase
  • Ensure Goods are in mint condition
  • Provide evidence of amended enrolment where applicable