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Name: Jashvir Bir
Position: External Academic
Phone: 9304124 / 7275861

Detail Information

Specialising in computing science, information technology, digital workplace, networks and security, information systems with industry based skills. Passionate about contributing and building resiliency across the Pacific.

Research Interest: Data and Information Security & Privacy, Digital workplace, campus area networks, networks and security and many ICT related work.

Members of an organization: Oracle Academy Cloud Member, Registered Training Officer – Fiji National University Levy & Grants.

 Awards and Prizes: Cisco Certified Network Professional, Cybersecurity Operations, Australian Computing Society – Certified Trainer and Assessor.

Undergraduate Courses:
CS219 Cloud Computing, CS317 Computer and Network Security,  IS351 Data and Information Security, CS351 Network Design and Administration, CS311 Operating Systems

 Postgraduate Course:
CS415 Advanced Software Engineering


2023 IEEE Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer Science and Data Engineering (CSDE) | 2023-12-04 | Journal article | DOI: 10.1109/csde59766.2023.10487755

CONTRIBUTORS: Goel Aman Lal; Manpreet Singh; Jashvir Bir


2024 | Book chapter | DOI: 10.1007/978-981-97-1335-6_33

CONTRIBUTORS: Priynka Sharma; Jashvir Bir; Surya Prakash


Current state of digital workplace in Fiji and the Pacific.


Oracle Academy Published Article : Member Spotlight: Jashvir Bir (

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