Personal Information

Name: Krishan Kumar
Position: Teaching Assistant (Computing Science and Information Systems)
Phone: 7255167 or 2874289


Detail Information

  • MSc in Information Systems (In Progress, 2022) – The University of the South Pacific, Fiji,
  • Master of Arts in Education by thesis (Graduated in April/May 2023) – The University of the South Pacific, Fiji,
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching (PGCTT) – 2015 – The University of the South Pacific, Fiji,
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computing Science & Information Systems – 2011 – The University of the South Pacific, Fiji,
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education – 2010 – The University of the South Pacific, Fiji,
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Computing Science – 2007 – The University of the South Pacific, Fiji

Krishan Kumar is a dedicated Teaching Assistant at The University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus, specializing in Computing Science and Information Systems. He is currently pursuing an MSc in Information Systems, focusing on a heterogeneous ensemble learning approach for software fault prediction. With extensive experience in teaching and research, Krishan is committed to advancing education through innovative technologies such as gamification, artificial intelligence, and online assessments. He has a strong academic background with multiple postgraduate qualifications and a passion for enhancing student learning experiences.

Interest: socializing, attending academic conferences, collaborating on research projects, mentoring students, engaging in community outreach, participating in workshops, and training sessions

Area of Interest: Artificial Intelligence in Education, Computer Science Education, Online Assessments, Gamification, Data Analytics, Computer Vision, Automatic Speech Recognition, Software Engineering.

IEEE New Faculty Fellow Awards in Frontiers in Education Conference [A Ranked] in 2020

Undergraduate Courses: (Providing Tutor support):
CS111, CS112, CS211, CS214, IS104, IS121, IS122, IS222, IS221, IS226, IS202, IS328, IS333 and UU100.


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2018 – Completed a funded project on the use of Online Peer Assessments in Higher Education by Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL), The University of the South Pacific.

Kumar, K. (2022). Exploring gamification in higher education: A case study using Kahoot gamified student response system (Master’s thesis). The University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

Facilitator for online workshop – Using Online Peer Assessment  (OPA) for Formative Assessments with Support from Open Education for a Better World (OEABW) programme on the 19th of July to the 6th of August 2021.

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