Associate Professor Ann Cheryl Armstrong

Discipline/Centre/Institute: Education

Email address:

Extension number: 32022

Expertise / Activities – Membership: 

International: One Ocean Hub GCRF Funded International  Research Collaboration

Executive Member (One Ocean Hub)

Regional: Pacific Regional Education Framework (PacREF)

Member of the  PacREF Implementing Agencies Fono

Representative on the Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific Human Resource Development (CROP HRD) Working Group

Pacific Regional Inclusive Education Framework (PRIEF)

Member of the PRIEF TaskForce

Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS)
Member of the Pacific Framework for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Implementation Committee

Educational Background/ Qualifications: PhD, PGCHE, PGDip. SE, MEd. (University of Sheffield, UK),  T.Dip (Trinidad & Tobago), Cert. Mass Media & Communications (UWI)

Biography: Ann Cheryl Armstrong is the coordinator of the Special and Inclusive Education Programmes in USP’s Education Discipline. Prior to this she worked at the University of Sheffield, UK the University of Sydney, and then University of Western Sydney, Australia. Ann Cheryl also led the planning and delivery of major components for two World Bank/national development programs which included the design, implementation and monitoring of many social intervention programmes.  Over the past 21 years, Ann Cheryl has worked in several countries across the world, contributing to the transformation of education programs and systems. She has published widely on inclusive education, professional learning in education, and education in developing countries. She is currently the USP Education Team Leader for the Pacific Regional Education Framework.

Research Interests: Inclusive Education; Professional Learning & Development; Sociology of Inclusion; Transdisciplinary Research.

Awards: Executive Board Member of the One Ocean Hub Research project funded by UK’s Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) led by the University of Strathclyde, Scotland.

Publications & Presentations: 

Most Recent Presentations:

Pacific Heads of Education Systems (July 27 – 30 2021). Understanding Learning Disability and Implications for Teachers. Hosted by the Government of Papua New Guinea and Co-ordinated by UNESCO.

Fiji National University (2021) Panellist on Webinar entitled:  A Paradigm-Shift in the New Normal: Implication for Pacific Education: Tuesday 29th June, 2021

Forum of Education Ministers Meeting ( March 2021) Pacific Research Framework.

Forum of Education Ministers Meeting (March 2021) The Pacific Inclusive Education Framework.

University of Negeri Padang, Indonesia (2020). International Conference on Education entitled: The Challenges in Learning Pedagogy during Covid 19 Outbreak in the Third Industrial Revolution: Friday 16th October, 2020

Recent Journal Articles:

Armstrong, A. C. Johansson-Fua, S. & Armstrong, D. (2021) Reconceptualising inclusive education in the Pacific, International Journal of Inclusive Education, DOI: 10.1080/13603116.2021.1882057

Spiller, D., Armstrong, A.C. and Sharma, S. (2021) Changing Minds and Hearts: possibilities and pitfalls of a collaborative curriculum review process. In a Special Edition of Directions: Journal of Educational Studies: Curriculum Review and Development in the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education.

Armstrong, A.C., Waqailiti, L and Sarai, V (2021) Reflecting on the Alignment of Curriculum and Pedagogy in Education: An Auto-ethnographical Approach. In a Special Edition of Directions: Journal of Educational Studies: Curriculum Review and Development in the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education

Umesh, S., Armstrong, A.C., Merumeru, L., Simi, J., and Yared, H. (2018) Addressing Barriers to Implementing Inclusive Education in the Pacific. International Journal of Inclusive Education, DOI: 10.1080/13603116.2018.1514751

Scott, J.T., & Armstrong, A.C. (2018) Disrupting the deficit discourse: reframing metaphors for professional learning in the context of appreciative inquiry, Professional Development in Education, DOI: 10.1080/19415257.2018.1452780

Recent Book Chapters

Armstrong, A.C. and Armstrong, D. (2021) Inclusive Education in Pacific Island Countries. (7,882 words). In the Oxford Encyclopedia of Inclusive and Special Education Editor: Umesh Sharma, Monash University.  New York:  Oxford University Press. pp 222 – 236

Armstrong, A.C.; Armstrong, D. (2019) Human Rights, Inclusive Education & Inter-Cultural Competence. (8,000 words). In the Handbook of Inclusion and Diversity in Education (SAGE). Editors: Matthew J. Schuelka, University of Birmingham; Christopher Johnstone, University of Minnesota; Gary Thomas, University of Birmingham; Alfredo Artiles, Arizona State University ISBN 9781526435552  pp 76 – 88

Armstrong, A.C., Qeleni, M., Merumeru, L. (2018) Reconceptualising Support for Inclusive Education within the Pacific (A Sea of Islands): Exploring the Vaka. In studies in Inclusive Education. Sense Publishers Series. pp 89 – 102