Dr. Aue Te Ava

Discipline/Centre/Institute: Education

Email address: aue.teava@usp.ac.fj

Extension number: (+679) 32329213

Expertise / Activities: Dr Te Ava expertise is Sports Coaching. Dr Te Ava began his sports coaching experiences in New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji. He is currently an International World Rugby World Level II certification Fijian rugby. Dr Te Ava taught face to face, online and in the blended mode at Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory of Australia, University of Southern Queensland, and also tutor at Australian Catholic University, University of Newcastle and Griffith University, Australia.

Educational Background/ Qualifications: Dr Te Ava’s educational background and qualifications includes the following: Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science (Brigham Young University of Hawaii, USA), Master of Education emphasize in Physical Education (University of Hawaii (Manoa Campus), and PhD in Physical Education (University of Auckland). These educational experience enable Dr Te Ava to contribute greatly to skills in teaching, research, supervising postgraduate students’ research projects, and consultancies.  Dr Te Ava have developed invaluable skills and positive character in supporting students’ projects and education achievements.

Biography: Dr Aue Te Ava is currently the Course Coordinator for Physical Education Major in the School of Pacific Arts, Communication and Education at The University of the South Pacific. Dr Te Ava was a former primary and secondary school Physical Education teacher in Hawaii, Cook Islands, and New Zealand. Prior to coming to Fiji, Dr Te Ava was lecturing in Health and Physical Education at the School of Education, Charles Darwin University in the Northern Territory of Australia. Presently, Dr Te Ava is developing the courses for the Physical Education Major. He supervises education research students who are studying towards a Senior Research Project (SRP) in Masters of Education, Dissertation Research Projects (DRP) and PhD research at The University of the South Pacific.

Research Interests: Health, Sports Coaching and Physical Education, Teacher Education and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy.

Awards: Research Publication Award 2020 A+ Journal

Publications & Presentations: 


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Book Chapter

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NERF community of researchers of the Pacific & Oceania region.

Griffith University Suicide Prevention Seminar, Australia.

Pacific Islands Sport Policy Advisory

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