Courses for a Double Major: Offered with Computing Science major

Special Admission Requirements:

  1. A Senate recognised Year 13/Form 7 or equivalent examination, have passed English, Mathematics and Physics, or
  2. Have completed USP Foundation Programme with at least C in the courses MAF11 and MAF12, PHF02 and PHF03 and a pass in CSF12

Programme Requirements:
Students are required to take UU100A – Information Literacy component of UU100 – Communications and Information Literacy course before progressing to 2nd year of studies. UU100A is fully online and offered free of charge.

Courses for a Single Major: Not offered as a single major.

Courses for a Double Major: Offered with Computing Science major:

MA111, UU114, EE102, PH102 , MM103, UU200, UU204, plus three of EE211; EE212; EE222; EE224; EE225, SC356 plus three of EE301; EE312; EE313; EE314; EE321; EE323; EE325; EE326 and an Industrial Attachment of 10 weeks during summer vacation is compulsory.

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