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Name: Dr Utkal Mehta
Position: Associate Professor in Electrical and Electronics Engg.
Phone: 3232337
Qualification:  PhD
System Identification
Fractional Calculus
Fractional-order system model
Reconfigurable programming devices and Automation and Control

Detail Information

I am an engineer and academic/researcher/inventor in area of system identification, modeling, embedded devices. My current research focuses on process identification, applied fractional calculus (AFC) for modeling, fractional-order filter design on reconfigurable devices like FPAA and various robotics applications for medical and industrial automation. My passion is also to develop low cost educational devices or tools for Special Need Children.

I strongly believe in significant accomplishments via impactful research and innovations that directly benefit people and society. Also, I mentor high school students to incubate STEM in the younger generation. I have successfully prepared students to participate in international robotics competitions like ROBOCON and FIRST Global events.  Following is a list of media releases based on my recent research and activities.


  • Courses: EE225 Analog Electronics II
  • EE313 Microprocessor Application
  • EE463 Mechatronics
  • EE499 Engineering Project II

My current research is focused on applied fractional calculus theory in engineering. In particular, I am in-charge of the FRACTIONAL CALCULUS APPLICATIONS (FRACAL@USP) group. Under this group, we focus on developing new methodologies and solutions for effective wireless energy transfer systems and control for volatile systems such as drones. The latest trends can offer novel and practical solutions in multidisciplinary areas such as computer science, control engineering, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, and bioengineering research. Last few years, this group has published some remarkable solutions, in particular, new identification and modeling methods for linear and nonlinear processes, control structures for unstable and integrating systems such as quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles, fractional filter designs, modeling Super-capacitors and batteries, and some efficient techniques to handle of fractional order integrodifferential operators using operational matrices. Currently, I am working on Fractional-Order Neural Networks and Wireless Energy Transfer.

  • IEEE Senior Member
  • Secretary IEEE Fiji subsection


Name of Award Awarding Agency Year
1. Young Scientist – International Travel Support (ITS) Grant DST, India 2010
2. Recognition of professional standing by IEEE to Senior Member IEEE, USA 2015
8. Secured F$63,000 grant from SP funding as PI for FSTE Braille Eye Slate project. USP SRT Grant, Fiji. 2016
6. Awarded Academic Staff Mobility University of Valladolid, Spain ERASMUS+ KA107-24005 – ICM 2017
7. Secured F$51,000 grant from SP funding as PI for PEVESPAC = PEMFC for Electric Vehicles Application in the South Pacific regions). USP SRT Grant, Fiji. 2017
9. Secured F$33,145 grant package from Research Office as PI for Fijian Sign Language Tool. USP SRT Grant, Fiji. 2017
3. USP Vice Chancellor’s Prize for Innovation USP, Fiji 2018
4. Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award USP, Fiji 2019
10. IEEE HAC Grant, titled ‘Educational Resource Centre for Remotely Located School Students in Fiji: Free to All’, aimed to bridge and bring educational resources to every child’s doorstep in rural areas of Fiji. Grant $10,000 IEEE, USA 2021
5. IEEE REGION 10 HTA Highlights Video Contest 2022 “Braille Eye Slate – A Fijian made device to promote braille literacy” IEEE, USA 2022

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  1. Applied Fractional Calculus in Identification and Control, by U. Mehta, K. Bingi, S. Saxena,  2022
  2., Volume, 1 ISSN: 2730-6453, Pages 205, Springer Singapore.


  1. Ali, Arshaque and Kumar, Ashneel and Mehta, Utkal V. and Cirrincione, Maurizio,Intelligent Data–Driven Approach for Fractional-Order Wireless Power Transfer System. In: Intelligent Data-Driven Modelling and Optimization in Power and Energy Applications. Routledge, USA. ISBN 9781032472065, 2024
  2. Mehta, Utkal V. and Lal, Suraj and Tauqeer, Mohammed and Prasad, VineetIdentifying coupled TITO systems with fractional-order model using block-pulse operational matrix and a single relay closed-loop experiment. In: Fractional Dynamics in Natural Phenomena and Advanced Technologies. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK. ISBN 1-5275-5276-4, 2024
  3. Bathani, Nitinkumar J. and Rathod, Jagdishkumar R. and Mehta, Utkal V.Design and Analysis of Wideband Polarization Independent Absorber for L and S Band. In: Internet of Things Enabled Antennas for Biomedical Devices and Systems. Springer Nature, Singapore, pp. 203-212. ISBN 978-981-99-0211-8, 2023
  4. Sachaniya, Prashant and Rathod, Jagdishkumar and Mehta, Utkal V.Design and Fabrication of Axially Corrugated Gaussian Profiled Horn Antenna. In: Smart Antennas. EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing . Springer Nature, Switzerland. ISBN 978-3-030-76635-1; 978-3-030-76636-8, 2022.

PhD: 1
MSC in Engineering: 5

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