Associate Professor Pierre-Jean Bordahandy

Associate Professor and Coordinator of Law Postgraduate Programmes  

USP Emalus Campus, Port-Vila, Vanuatu

Phone: +678 22748 ext 134





Associate Professor Pierre-Jean Bordahandy joined USP in July 2015 where he teaches courses on Law of the Sea, Maritime Law, Fisheries Law and International Environmental Law.

Pierre-Jean has a strong research and academic background. Before joining the University, he held a post-doctoral appointment in Brazil where he conducted research on petroleum exploration and production at sea as well as container demurrage issues. Prior to this, he was a Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia and the University of Adelaide for nine years, where he taught business law, contract law, comparative law and international export trade and transport law.

Pierre-Jean practiced as an in-house counsel in France and in Australia with Gadens Lawyers. He has occasionally been engaged as a Consultant by Blake Dawson and Waldron in Australia, the UN World Food Programme in Fiji and the Micronesian Centre for Sustainable Transport.



  • LLB UPPA Pau., LLM PhD Aix-Mars, LLM Stockholm, PhD UQ


Research Interests

  • Maritime Law
  • Law of the Sea
  • Fisheries Law


Selection of Publications

La Blue Economy, L’Exploitation Minière en Eaux Profondes et Les Enjeux Territoriaux dans le Pacifique – Presse Universitaires Françaises. Conference Proceedings Enjeux Territoriaux dans le pacifique. Available online @

Pierre-Jean Bordahandy (2018) “A Resolução Normativa n°18/2017 da Agência Nacional de Transportes Aquaviários(Antaq) como quadro jurídico das sobre-estadias de contêiner e a teoria do contrato de fornecimento de contêiner” In: Osvaldo Agripino De Castro Junior (org.) Teoria E Pratica da Demurrage de Contêiner. Prefácio Norman A. Martinez Gutierrez. P. 285-315 São Paulo: Aduaneiras, 2018. ISBN: 978-85-7129-832-3

Pierre-Jean Bordahandy (2017) O quadro legal geral da exploração e da produção de petróleo no mar – Parte II – volume 22, N. 2, August 2017 Novos Estudos Jurídicos – ISSN 2175-0491(A1 ranked journal on the Brazilian ranking system). Accessible at .

Pierre-Jean Bordahandy (2016) O quadro legal geral da exploração e da produção de petróleo no mar – Parte I – volume 21, N. 3, Setembro – Dezembro 2016  da Revista Novos Estudos Jurídicos, Qualis A1  – ISSN 2175-0491 (A1 ranked journal on the Brazilian ranking system).

Pierre-Jean Bordahandy – (2017) Le Vanuatu, entre unité et diversité du droit – l’impossibilité d’une île et la solution des SOGA – Actes du Colloque le vanuatu : oscillation entre diversité et unité. To be published in 2017. Waiting for the publication reference from the Université of Toulouse.

The Liability Attached to the Supply of Containers by a Maritime Carrier – in Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal Vol 21, No 2 (2007) available online at

“Containers: a Concept or a Conundrum” (2005) 11 Journal of International Maritime Law 342. This article has received the Owen Fletcher award from the University of Queensland.


Research Profiles