Ms. Melaine Fonumanu

As a teaching staff of MPAD, I am blessed to be given the opportunity to join the team and to be supervised and guided by the best experienced and qualified lecturers. It is through their strong leadership and guidance that have encouraged me to pursue my academic studies further.

In terms of my professional work career, I have experiences in the marketing and sales, human resources and administration arena with a span of work of 10 years plus. I love taking challenges and learn new things along the way. I am fascinated by our labor laws and what it constitutes in the working environment. Currently pursuing a DRP as a pre-requisite to my PhD.

Leisure for me is spent with my family and research (mainly reading on topics of interest that relate to the unit(s) that I teach). I am a team player and a people’s person. My teaching philosophy is to be an impactful speaker by relating theory to the practical world in class. I am an extrovert that has a very sociable and amicable personality which best quadrates with my profession.