Name: Sumesh Narayan
Position: Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Phone: +679 3232034

Detail Information

BETech, PGDipEng,  MScEng, PGCTT, PhD (S.Pac)

Research Interest:

  • Material science
  • Innovative and sustainable material development
  • Renewable energy technologies

Renewable energy technologies, Materials science & engineering

Members of an organization:

 Undergraduate Courses:

  • EN001 – Industrial Work Experience
  • MM212/CV212 – Metallurgy & Material Science
  • MM323 – Manufacturing Systems
  • MM488/CV488 – Project I
  • MM499/CV499 – Project II
  • Design, development and formability characteristics of novel aluminium composite material.
  • Design optimization and fabrication of a portable hybrid wave-solar energy harvester.
  • Biomass power generation prospects for Nasarowaqa- Nabouwalu grid connected supply on Vanua Levu.
  • Design optimization and performance analysis of a micro hydro-generator, to be used in an energy harvesting system.
  • Developing a synthesis method that produces high quality graphene from carbon-rich waste material.
  • Optimization of a rack and pinion wave energy convertor (wec) with the aid of a vibrating system.
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