Bachelor of Science - Physics

The Bachelor of Science is a three-year programme comprising twenty four courses; of which eight courses are at 100 level, eight courses at 200 level, and eight courses at 300 level. The disciplines permitted as a major or minor for the Bachelor of Science degree in 2022 are:

Courses for a Single Major: PH102, PH103, CH105 (for non-Chemistry minors), MA112, UU100, UU114, PH202, PH204, PH206, UU200, UU204, SC356; plus PH301, PH302, PH304, PH306.

Courses for a Double Major: CH105 (for non-Chemistry majors), PH102, PH103, MA112, UUI00, UU114; plus PH202, PH204, PH206; plus UU200, UU204, SC356; plus at least three of PH301; PH302; PH304; PH306 [CH105 is not required for double major with EE or MM].

Courses for a Minor: PH102, PH103; plus two of: PH202, PH204, PH206; plus one of: PH301, PH302, PH304, PH306.

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