Annie Crookes - Lecturer, Discipline Coordinator Psychology


Phone: +679 3232678

Dr Annie Crookes joined USP in 2019 after 15 years working in Dubai, UAE. She has a PhD in Cognitive psychology from Leicester University, UK and an MSc in International Addiction Studies from Kings College London (in collaboration with international institutions, Adelaide University and Virginia Commonwealth University). Her previous roles have been to develop psychology provision and manage faculty teams for British institutions with campuses in Dubai. She has extensive experience in programme management and development and has taken a role in promoting the psychology industry for Dubai. She has worked with industry professionals in clinical and organizational psychology to design licensing documents, organize industry networks and was a co-director for a large annual CPD event in Dubai. As well as book chapters and academic papers, Dr Crookes has written extensively for media publications in the UAE on a range of lifestyle topics.

Research interests: Substance use in young people, the role of positive psychology in mental health support, student learning

Publications in USP Electronic Research Repository
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