Anurag Subramani - Lecturer


Dr Anurag Subramani currently teaches history at the University of the South Pacific. He has also taught English literature and creative writing at USP. He did his tertiary studies in Hawaii and Fiji, winning gold medals in English literature and history at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. In his MA thesis “Towards a New Pacific Historiography,” Dr Subramani argues that Pacific historians needs to re-imagine themselves by finding approaches that break free from the so-called “scientific” history espoused by Leopold von Ranke and his acolytes. His gold medal-winning PhD thesis (“Carnivalizing History”) consists of an original novel with a supporting exegesis. The novel attempts to create a carnivalized history of Fiji, following the concept of “carnival” as theorised by the Russian literary critic Mikhail Bakhtin in his appraisal of Medieval texts. In its satiric and parodic recasting of Fiji’s history, the novel engages in the uncrowning and degradation of all that is official (authorised histories and the English language) and revered (sacred and canonical texts). He recently completed a commissioned book on the history of The Fiji Times. He is currently working on a “people’s history” project that seeks to recover and resuscitate the untold and minor narratives from Fiji’s past.