Micah Ahmad - Lecturer

Email: micah.ahmad@usp.ac.fj

Micah Amd received his doctorate in Experimental Psychology from the National University of Ireland in 2016, followed by postdoctoral appointments at the University of Sao Carlos (Brazil) and Montreal Neurological Institute (Canada) before commencing a lectureship at the University of South Pacific in Fiji. To date, Dr. Amd has published over 15 articles across international academic journals as first author, covering a range of topics related to affective and relational learning. For an updated list of Dr. Amd’s publications, please visit https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Micah_Amd

Selected publications:
Amd, M., & Baillet, S. (2019). Neurophysiological Effects Associated With Subliminal Conditioning of Appetite Motivations. Frontiers in psychology

Amd, M., de Oliveira, M. A., Passarelli, D. A., Balog, L. C., & de Rose, J. C. (2018). Effects of orientation and differential reinforcement II: transitivity and transfer across five-member sets. Behavioural processes

Amd, M., & Roche, B. (2017). Transforming valences through transitive inference: How are faces emotionally dissonant? Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

Amd, M., Barnes‐Holmes, D., & Ivanoff, J. (2013). A derived transfer of eliciting emotional functions using differences among electroencephalograms as a dependent measure. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior