Welcome to the USP Finance Section

To be a strategic financial enabler for the University and the leader in best financial practice in the region

Finance Unit

The Finance Section is led by the University`s  Executive Director Finance,

Kolinio Boila

Email     boila_k@usp.ac.fj
Phone : (679) (32) 32054

The Executive Director Finance is the Chief Financial Officer of the University and reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor & President.The Executive Director is a key member of the University’s Senior Management team and is responsible for leading on the strategic and operational management of University finances (both revenue and capital), developing financial systems to meet the strategic objectives of the University, providing professional advice and guidance for all decisions with financial implications, and for maintaining a high degree of financial accountability and transparency.

Executive Secretary

Mari Etika

Email :  etika_m@usp.ac.fj
Phone   (679) (32) 32341

The EDF is assisted by the following line managers:

  1. Farish Ali – Manager Accounting
  2. Avishay Raj, Deputy Director Finance
  3. Vacant, Manager Strategic Support & Financial Planning


  • Support the University to achieve its strategic goals within financial frameworks to ensure long term sustainability of the University;
  • Deliver high quality services to all stakeholders;
  • Continue to develop and  operate business processes that deliver effective and efficient financial services;
  • Acquire, develop and retain high quality financial expertise;
  • Continue to embed risk management procedures across the institution and ensuring risk is carefully considered in all significant management decisions.


To achieve our Vision and Mission the Finance Section adopts the following values and principles:

  • Strive for quality, relevance and excellence;
  • Have a strong commitment to transparency and good governance;
  • Maintain a high level of integrity;
  • Be analytical, innovative, enterprising and display an ability to think outside the square;
  • Be prudent and fiscally responsible;
  • Have a high level of effectiveness, efficiency and productivity;
  • Be respectful, responsive, collaborative and cooperative;
  • Have strong, clear and open communication.

Facts about USP Finance

  • We have 52 strong staff , located in 2 different buildings.
  • Our Financial Planning unit oversees USP’s budget of more than $F210 million.
  • Our Payroll unit processes over 32,000 direct deposits and paychecks annually.
  • Accounts Payable processes over 47,000 payments annually.
  • We maintain a general ledger comprising 1895 fund codes, 126 organization codes, 627 account codes and 404 program codes.
  • The Procurement office issues more than 10,000 Purchase Orders annually; in 2018, it issued 88 Tenders/Expression of Interest and Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • Our Treasury Operations unit provides global banking, collection and payment solutions to the University.
  • We invoice and collect fees from approximately 13,000 students per semester at Laucala campus.
  • We conduct a variety of training workshops annually to enable users to understand policies and procedures and to interpret financial data.
  • We assist with the outsourced internal audit of all aspects of the University, and produce financial statements for an institution that would rank among the top in the Pacific region if it was a company.
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