Booking the GSB Discussion Rooms (Laucala)

The Graduate School of Business (GSB) has two discussion rooms available for students to use during the trimester.  Discussion rooms are available for booking at the following times:

Weekdays – 8:30am – 11pm

Weekends: 9am – 6pm

Public Holidays: closed

The following procedures must be adhered to by all registered GSB students in the booking of the School’s Discussion rooms during the trimester.

1.       Bookings can be made via email or in person to the following persons:

  • After 4pm during weekdays and 10am – 6pm during the weekends  – Student Lab Assistants on duty (in person only)
  • Mere Williame – 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday via email at mba(at)

2.    Depending on the room availability, the person requesting the booking will be required to confirm the name of the group member who will be signing off the log book at the main office.

3.    Designated student will need to produce his /her valid student ID card before signing the log book. The student will be responsible for any equipment used and ensure that the room is neat and tidy before leaving.

4.     Each student group is only permitted 2 hour slot per day and are not permitted to block book for longer. Request for additional booking after 2 hours will only be permitted if there is no other booking for the same venue. This ensures that all students have equal access.

5.     Booking for rooms can only be done up till 7 days in advance. Depending on the availability rooms can be booked on the same day or just before the session.

6.     Confirmed booking will be held for 30 minutes. Should no one show up to sign, the room will be given to the next group.

7.       Students who have booked the room must notify the Student Lab Assistant on duty before leaving the room.

8.    Student Lab Assistant on duty will ensure that booking times are kept and will close the room after the booking time.

9.    Eating and drinking is not allowed in the discussions rooms.

GSB Management.