Hiring of Locker Compartments

18 locker compartments are available for hire at the Graduate School of Business Common room. Locker hire is $20 (non-refundable) for a trimester. You will be required to provide your own padlock to secure your belongings. Interested students must be current registered trimester students to be eligible to hire a locker.

Hiring of a Locker Compartment

•    Students must be registered for GSB courses in the current trimester to be eligible to hire a locker.
•    Students must see Mere at the main office and present their USP Student ID card in person to obtain a locker compartment number.
•    Students will be issued a manual invoice of FJ$20.00 by the office. Payment for the locker must be made at the School’s finance section, the payment receipt of which must be submitted to Mere before signing up and being assigned a locker.
•    The School will not be responsible for any lost items from the lockers.
•    The School will not reserve any locker for students. Locker compartments will be given on a “first come, first serve basis”.
•    Cancellation of a locker hire MUST be done within 24 hours of hiring. Failure to do so we incur the full hiring charge.

Rules on the Use of the Locker Compartment

•    The hirer shall allow the School to conduct any repair or maintenance work on the locker compartment as and when the School deems it to be necessary. The hirer must within 3 days of notification unlock the compartment and remove all items from the compartment for the period stipulated in the notification.
•    The hirer shall inform the School’s main office immediately when the locker compartment is in need of repair. The hirer shall not attempt to repair the compartment himself or herself, or permit any person other than whomever the University has authorized to carry out the repair.
•    The hirer shall not place or affix any stickers, posters, notices or the like on any part of the locker compartment. He or she shall not in any way deface or vandalize the compartment. The hirer shall exercise due care in the use of the locker compartment. The cost of repair for any damage to the compartment due to mischief or negligence on the part of the student shall be borne fully by the hirer.

Lost Keys

•    The hirer is to contact the School’s main office should they lose their locker key. Details of the hirer will be checked prior to authorizing security to cut the padlock
•    Cutting of the padlock is to be made by Elite Locksmith (approved School locksmith) only. The hirer may contact Elite locksmith staff on 9271353 to cut the lock. The cost of cutting shall be borne by the hirer and not the school. Hirer will pay directly to the Elite Locksmith.
•    Note any charges for after office hours service will be borne by the hirer.

Expiration of Hire Period

•    The hiring period shall end on the Friday of the last week of final trimester exams. The hirer shall unlock the locker and remove all items from the locker prior to this date. The School will remove any items left in the locker after this period. NO compensation will be made for loss of items left behind in the locker after the hire period has expired.
•    No refund will be given to any student for non-use of locker for the duration of the trimester.

GSB Management
02 August 2021