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Preliminary, foundation, and some certificate courses have a three-letter + two-number code. In these codes, the third letter represents the programme level. For example, GEP02 is a preliminary course, GEF02 is a foundation course. Degree-level undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses have a two-letter + three-number code. For example, AG350 is a degree course.


All USP courses are identified by a two- or three-letter prefix. These code letters represent a focused area of study (such as BI for biology, ED for education, or SO for sociology). A list of all study area prefixes and the section of the university that teaches them appears below.


Preliminary, foundation, certificate, diploma and Continuing and Community Education course codes contain a two-digit number, while other course codes contain a three-digit number. The first of the three digits reflects the ‘level’ of the course. First year courses of a degree programme open with a ‘1’ and are referred to as 100-level courses, second year courses have a ‘2’ and are known as 200-level courses, and third year courses have a ‘3’, called 300-level courses. Taught courses for a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma or a Master’s degree are 400-level courses. At the postgraduate level, a supervised research project has a 600 code, a master’s thesis has a 700 code and a PhD thesis has an 800 code.

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