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Cresantia Vaku置ta
Cresantia Vaku置ta
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Senior Lecturer
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BEd, MA, PhD[Sth Pc.]

Designation: Senior Lecturer in Education &Associate Dean Research & International, FALE

Room: FALE PG Research Office

Course currently Teaching

  • AL400 Research Methodologies in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • ED402 Curriculum Design, Development and Evaluation in Higher Education
  • ED455 Advanced Curriculum Study
  • ED457 Education in Small Island Developing States

Courses taught

  • UU104 Introduction to Pacific Studies
  • ED250 Curriculum Studies 1
  • ED253 Theories and Ideas in Education
  • ED255 Introduction to Curriculum Development
  • ED350 Curriculum Studies 2
  • ED355 Curriculum in Practice


I have two decades of teaching experience at secondary and tertiary level. Since first joining USP in 1998, I have reviewed, developed and taught seven courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level in traditional face to face mode of delivery, as well as distance modes including blended, print and online course delivery. I have taught thirteen courses in Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Marshall Islands at the certificate, diploma, bachelors and postgraduate level. I have held a number of administrative positions at the University including Website Management for the School of Education, Head of Secondary Education, Coordinator of Education for Sustainable Development, Acting-Director at the Oceania Center for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies, and am currently the Associate Dean Research & International at the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education and Acting-Manager of the Pacific Heritage Hub, A UNESCO Project based at USP. I am also an adjunct staff member to the Oceania Center for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies, and serve on the Research Committee for the Pacific Center for Environment and Sustainable Development. Professional engagements comprise national and regional engagement; in education, culture and the arts and includes policy advice and writing, training and support. Policy writing has included the Regional Culture Strategy 2010 2020, Regional Culture and Education Strategy 2010 2015, Fiji National Curriculum Framework and Curriculum Writing initiative 2013, the draft Fiji National Policy for Culture 2016, the draft Fiji National Culture and Education Strategy 2016, and the development of the Higher Education Strategy for Fiji 2017.A poet and artist, I am interested in the potential role that the arts can play in formal and non-formal education with reference to issues of resilience, sustainability and crisis in the Pacific islands. I have worked with the Fiji Arts Council and the Fiji National University on numerous Art initiatives and have collaborated with the Commonwealth foundation in working towards strengthening literary arts in the Pacific, as well as, sustainability and environment education.

In the last ten years, I have co-edited 5 books, delivered 6 keynote presentations and 25 conference presentations, and published 15 chapters and 8 peer reviewed journal articles.

Available for supervision: Yes

Research Interests

  • Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Citizenship Education
  • Multicultural Education and Education for Social Justice and Diversity
  • Pacific Island education
  • Pacific Research and Evaluation
  • Pacific indigenous research methodologies
  • Education for Sustainability in the islands
  • Pacific Island Arts, Art as a social learning tool
  • Protest Poetry

Supervision Record


  • 2015 Brooke Takala What cannot be broken: Education for Sustainable Development in the Marshall Islands (ongoing)
  • 2014 Ashish Kumar Climate Change Implications for Agriculture Curriculum in Fiji (ongoing)
  • 2014 Satish Chand Implementing the Explicit Curriculum: Constructive Alignment in Fiji Primary Schools (ongoing)
  • 2014 Poliana Havea AKO MO E VA棚NGA: A Tongan Conceptualisation of Play and Learning in the Early Years (examination phase)
  • 2011 Rosiana Lagi Na Bu: An Exploratory Study of Indigenous Knowledge of Climate Change and Education in Ovalau, Fiji. Pass


  • 2017Vereniki NalioExploring Bukusia Eepistemology as the basis for the Fiji Museum Curriculum(ongoing)
  • 2015 Sean Wells A Comparative Analysis of Climate Change Perceptions in Secondary Schools of Saint LuciaPass
  • 2012Sanjita LalCulture Inclusive Education: Case Study of a generic University wide course in Pacific Studies(ongoing)


Nominated for VC Teaching Award 2016


  • 2017 (current) Principal Researcher for Living on the Edge: Exploring the potential of Education for Resilience in Climate Change Frontier Countries, Casestudies of frontier communities in Kiribati, Tuvalu and Marshall Islands. Funded by School of Education $10,000
  • 2016 to-date Principal Researcher for a small scale exploratory study on the Supervision and the Pacific Research Student, with PhD student Poliana Havea, Self-Funded
  • 2013 2016 Principal USP Researcher for Research Project on Teacher Education for the Future: Quality Teachers and Teaching in Fiji A Pilot Study, Collaborative Research Undertaking between The University of Nottingham, Bristol University and The University of the South Pacific, Jointly funded by USP and British Academy $64K FJD
  • 2013 Principal Researcher for UNESCO Asia-Pacific Research on Education for the Future: Pedagogical Approaches Case Study Fiji, Self-funded
  • 2007 - 2013 Principal Researcher for The Post-graduate Experience: A survey of student satisfaction in Education PG Cohorts conducted in Fiji, Tonga, Cook Islands and Marshall Islands, Self-funded.
  • 2012 Principal Researcher for the Mainstreaming ESD through Expressive Arts in Fiji Schools, Self-funded
  • 2011 Principal Researcher for Citizenship Education in Fiji, an inter-institutional research project between Teacher Education Providers in Fiji, funded by USP $13K FJD
Publications in USP Electronic Research Repository

Edited Books

  • Dorovolomo, J., Koya, C.F., Coutts, R., & Lingam, G. Eds.(2014). Discussions and Debates in Pacific Education, Common Ground Publishing, Champaign, Illinois. ISBN 978-1-61229-535-0
  • Nabobo, U., Koya, C.F & Teaero, T., Eds. (2010). Continuity and Survival in the Pacific, Education for Sustainable Development Vol. 1, School of Education, USP and Asia /Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO. ISBN 9789820108707
  • Koya, C. F., Nabobo, U., & Teaero, T., Eds. (2010). Stories of Sustainable Living, Education for Sustainable Development, Vol. 2, School of Education, USP and Asia /Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO ISBN 9789820108684
  • Dorovolomo, J., Koya, C.F., Phan, H., Nabobo, U. & Veramu, J. Eds. (2008). Pacific Education: Issues and Perspectives, School of Education, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji. ISBN 9789820108202
  • Koya, C.F & Tora, L Eds. (2008).VASU: Pacific Women of Power, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji. ISBN 9789829803214

Book Chapters

  • Koya, C.F (IP). The Digital Va: Negotiating Socio-Spatial Relations in Cyber Spaces and Places, In The Pacific Self, Eds. Prof. Unaisi Nabobo Baba University of Guam & Rev. Dr Upolu Va誕i, Pacific Theological College(For release in 2017).
  • Koya, C.F (IP). Research as Relational Spaces: Pedagogy and Praxis of Pacific Indigenous Research Approaches, In. Pacific Relational Hermeneutics, Ed. Rev. Dr. Upolu Va誕i, Pacific Theological College, Suva, Fiji (For release in 2017).
  • Koya, C.F (2017). Tapa Culture: Ancient Knowledge: Sacred Spaces, In Tapa: from Southeast-Asia to Polynesia, Ed. Charleux, M, Au Vent des ホles Publications, Paris France.
  • Koya, C.F (2016). Straight Talk & Crooked Thinking: Transforming Pacific Learning, Teaching and Teacher Education as an Education for Sustainability Initiative, In Weaving Theory and Practice in Teacher Education in Oceania: Vaka Pasifiki 2 Conference Proceedings, Eds. Kabini Sanga, Toumu誕. R., & Johannson-Fua, J, Institute of Education, Tonga Campus, The University of the South Pacific. (For release in 2016).
  • Koya, C.F. (2014). Dancing Feathers and Dreams of Green Frigate Birds: Rethinking Arts Education in Oceania: Exploring Art, Culture and Education for Sustainable Development in the Pacific Islands, In Discussions and Debates in Pacific Education, Eds. Dorovolomo, J., Koya, C.F., Coutts, R., & Lingam, G. (pp.55 61), Common Ground Publishing, Champaign, Illinois. ISBN 978-1-61229-535-0
  • Koya, C.F (2014). Pedagogical Practices in Fiji Schools, In Transforming Teaching and Learning in Asia and the Pacific, Eds. Hau-Fai, E., & Miura, U, (pp. 22 43), UNESCO Paris, France. ISBN 978-92-9223-517-8
  • Koya, C.F. & Vaka置ta, L. (2013). More than a Philosophy! Leadership, Research & Education in Contemporary Pacific Art, In Of Waves, Winds and Wonderful Things, Vaka Pasifiki Celebrating a decade of rethinking education in the Pacific, Institute of Education, Eds. 前tunuku, M., Nabobo-Baba, U., &Johannson-Fua, S, (pp. 36 49), Institute of Education, USP Tonga. ISBN 978-982-01-0906-3
  • Koya, C.F (2010). Chapter 11. Civics Education in Fiji: Contradiction or 善edagogy of Hope? In Citizenship Pedagogies in Asia and the Pacific, CERC Studies in Comparative Education 28. Eds. Kennedy, K.J; Lee, W. O and Grossman, D.L. Hong Kong: Springer and Comparative Education Research Centre, University of Hong Kong. pp.245 268. ISBN 9789881785220
  • Koya, C.F (2011). Dancing feathers and dreams of green frigate birds: Rethinking Arts Education in Oceania, In Ta誕ora A Ballet of Creation, Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji. pp.19 23. ISBN 9788920108791.
  • Koya, C.F. (2010). The Mothers of Wisdom, Pacific Stories of Sustainable Development, Education for Sustainable Development Volume 2; ACCU-UNESCO and School of Education, Fiji: USP. pp. 79 98. ISBN 9789820108684

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