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Litea Meo-Sewabu
Litea Meo-Sewabu
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School of Social Sciences
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Discipline Coordinator Social Work
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+679 323 2424
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Scheyvens, R., Banks, G., Meo-Sewabu, L., & Decena, T. (2018). Indigenous entrepreneurship on customary land in the Pacific:  measuring sustainability.  Journal of Management and Organisation (JMO). 23(6) pp., 774-785. Special Issue on indigenous entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise. Retrieved from https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-management-and-organization/article/indigenous-entrepreneurship-on-customary-land-in-the-pacific-measuring-sustainability/AFE74ED22B018045D172E6EFCB6C7B6E/core-reader

Meo-Sewabu, LD. (2016). 'Na Marama iTaukei Kei Na Vanua': Culturally embedded agency of indigenous Fijian women - opportunities and constraints. New Zealand Sociology. 31(2), pp. 96-122.  Retrieved from http://search.informit.com.au/documentSummary;dn=280070635207601;res=IELHSS%3E%20ISSN:%200112-921X


Meo-Sewabu, LD. (2014). Cultural discernment as an ethics framework: An indigenous Fijian approach. Asia Pacific Viewpoint. 55(3), 345-354
Meo-Sewabu, LD., & Walsh-Tapiata, W. (2012). Global declarations and village discourses: Social policy and indigenous wellbeing.. Alter Native Journal. 8(3), 305-317 Retrieved from http://www.alternative.ac.nz/


Simmons, H., Walsh-Tapiata, W., Meo-Sewabu, L., & Umugwaneza, A. (2018). ‘Cultural encounter’: A framework of ethical practice for transnational social workers in Aotearoa.  In A. Bartley & L. Beddoes (Eds.) Transnational social work.  University of Bristol, Policy Press.  

Meo-Sewabu, LD. (2014). Ethics & Ethnography as an indigenous researcher: A Fijian perspective. In P. Fairbairn-Dunlop, & E. Coxon (Eds.) Talanoa: Building a Pasifika Research Culture. (pp. 142 - 158). Auckland, NZ: Dunmore Publishing Ltd.


Meo-Sewabu, LD. (2014). Research ethics: An indigenous Fijian perspective. In C. Cocker, & T. Hafford-Letchfield (Eds.) Rethinking Anti-Discriminatory & Anti-Oppressive Theories for Social Work Practice. (pp. 108 - 122). UK: Palgrave Macmillan
Stewart-Withers, R., Banks, GA., McGregor, A., & Meo-Sewabu, L. (2014). Qualitative Research. In R. Scheyvens (Ed.) Development Fieldwork. (pp. 59 - 80). : SAGE Publications Limited.


Meo-Sewabu, LD. (2016). 'Tu ga na inima ka luvu na waqa' : (The bail to get water out of the boat is in the boat yet the boat sinks) : the cultural constructs of health and wellbeing amongst Marama iTaukei in a Fijian village in Lau and in a transnational Fijian community in Whanganui, Aotearoa : a thesis presented in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Social Policy at Massey University, Palmerston North, Aotearoa - See more at: http://mro.massey.ac.nz/browse?type=author&value=Meo-Sewabu%2C+Litea+Diloki#sthash.hXCvaXH6.dpuf


Meo-Sewabu, LD.(2015). Science in PSIDS: UNESCO/UNITWIN project. 
Meo-Sewabu, L.(2015). Summer Institute on Emergency Management and Indigenous Approaches to risk reduction workshop, Massey University.. 
Meo-Sewabu, LD.(2013). Report on review of the Certificate for Pacific Development. 


Meo-Sewabu, LD. (2012). 230.102 Pacific Peoples in New Zealand. 

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