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Mesake Rawaikela
Mesake Rawaikela
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Senior Lecturer
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Dip in Science Education [Sth Pc.], BSc [Sth Pc.], MSc [Waik.], PhD [Cant.]

Designation: Deputy Head of School SOED

Room: H408

Courses taught/teaching

  • ED 359 – Educational Research
  • ED 456 – Studies in Science Education
  • AL 400 – Research Methodologies in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Teaching/Work experience

Has more than 20 years’ experience as an educator at Secondary School level in Fiji rising to the level of Head of Department (Science) before joining the University of the South Pacific from 1997 until to date. Risen to the level of Deputy Head of School of Education after several years of teaching at the University. 

Research Interests/Experience

Has 4+ years research in Education in New Zealand and intensively researched issues in Primary and Secondary school education in Fiji particularly those surrounding the up-take of science.  Has a high standard of professionalism, experience and dedication to Education particularly in the field of Research, Science Education and Community Education.  Interests  cover a variety of topics such as theories and views about what science is and the nature of scientific enquiry; macro and micro-level contexts of science teaching & learning; development of children's thinking; classroom teaching practices and interactions; beliefs about teaching and children education; behavioral, ecological and socio-cultural theory of development and learning; Orality, Literacy and Science.

Currently doing the following collaborative research with other colleagues: “The Gender Gap in Learning Achievement and Transition to Science, Technology and Mathematics in Higher Education: A Study of Seven Pacific Countries” Implications for Higher Education in the Region.  This research aims to find out whether or not the trend for Mathematics and Science achievement for high school students in the Pacific is similar to what is already found by UNESCO research worldwide where Male students tend to do better generally in both Mathematics and Science subjects as compared to Females.  It will also try to look at the causes of the gender differences in performance in these subject areas if there are any differences found.

Research Supervision

Conduct Supervision and Examination of students’ Post-Graduate Thesis Work – both Masters and PhD.

  • Mohammed Imroz Khan’s MEd (SRP) on ‘What impact does the new assessment policy have on students and teachers in primary schools in Fiji?’  Student’s Progress: Student working on 2nd draft of whole thesis.
  • Taina Hazelman’s MEd (SRP) on ‘Barriers to Inclusivity for Students with Special Needs in Mainstream Schools: Examining Primary and Secondary Schools in Fiji.’ Student’s Progress: Student working on Chapter 3 (methodology chapter) and Proposal 
  • Kelera Waiwalu’s MEd (SRP) on ‘A comparative study of Chemistry Performance in Year 13 students. A case study of four single sex schools in Fiji. Student’s Progress: Student collecting data on ‘An investigation of student’s achievement in Numeracy Assessment.
  • Jitendra Kumar’s MEd A comparative study of a rural and an urban Primary school in Fiji. 

Successful Thesis-Examiner Report Work

  • 2009- (30/10/09)- Internal examiner’s report on Sanjeena Chandra MA thesis on: ‘An Exploratory Study: Students’ Dropouts and Related Issues in a Fiji Sec. School’
  • 2011- (31/10/11)- Internal examiner’s report on Vilimaina Molisodrau Naliva MA thesis on: ‘Pacific Cultural Sustainability: A Critical Examination of Initiative and Possible Advocacy Programmes for iTaukei Studies in Schools’.
  • 2012- (17/01/12)- Internal examiner’s report on Lalesh Ram Sharma MEd thesis on: ‘Effectiveness of School-Based Teacher Professional Development Programmes’
  • 2014- (24/10/14)- Internal examiner’s report on Tamaline Wolfgramme MA thesis on: ‘An Investigation of the Effect of the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model in Teaching Mathematics: A Case Study at a Tongan Secondary School’
  • 2015- (7/09/15)- Internal examiner’s report on Atesh Satendra Ram’s MEd thesis on: ‘Benefits of Class Based Assessment in Rural Primary Schools: A Case Study of Four Primary Schools in Vanua Levu, Fiji’.
  • 2016- (24/02/16)- Internal examiner’s report on Shusmita Mandal’s PhD thesis on: ‘Physical Activity, Learning Self-Efficacy and Academic Achievement of Adolescents Students: The Field Level Study in India and Fiji’.
  • 2016- (11/08/16)- Internal examiner’s report on Hem Chand Dayal’s PhD thesis on: ‘Teachers Developing and Implementing Portfolio Assessment in Mathematics: A case study in Fiji’. 

For PhD thesis, principal supervisor for the following students: 

  • Principal Supervisor for Narsamma Lingam’s thesis on: ‘Urban Principals’ Perception of the Impact of Leadership and Management Training in Fiji.’ Student’s Progress: Student working on second draft of whole thesis and planning to submit by the end of the year (2016).
  • Principal supervisor for Sabnum Khan’s DRP thesis on: ‘To investigate the implications of internal assessment practices:  A case study of Form 4 Basic Science curriculum in Fiji’. Student’s Progress: Student working on Second Draft of whole DRP thesis at present.
  • Principal supervisor for Amelia Leba Vakaloloma’s thesis on: ‘Intergrating climate change literacy in Mathemetics Education for sustainable development'Student's Progress: Collecting Data at present.
  • Co-supervisor for Kelesi Whippy’s thesis on: ‘Vakatatalo as a context for early childhood learning and development.  An investigation of I taukei notions and practices of play and its implications for school.’ Student’s Progress: Student is working on second draft of whole thesis at present.

 Committees and Community engagement

  • Chair of Examination Moderation Committee.  
  • Chairman of Fiji Institute of Educational Research (FIER)
  • Member of the School of Education Advisory Committee
  • Member of the School of Education Board of Studies
  • Editorial Board Member in ‘The International Journal of Social Science’
  • Editorial Board Member of the revived Educational Journal ‘Directions’ 

Also involved myself with some important Community Education Programmes.  One such Programme I initiated, seek funding for and engage with the community for the past years is called the ‘PACE’ (Partners in the Advancement of Children Education) which covers basic computer learning for primary and dropout school children and adult awareness Programme for parents and adults.  Attended some conferences in the Pacific to present work on this Programme.  


My interest is in teaching and doing educational research.  My hobbies include listening to pop & country music, playing guitar, fishing and mountain climbing. 

Publications in USP Electronic Research Repository

 Journal Articles

  • Dakuidreketi, M. R., (2012). Oral Traditional Thought versus Scientific/Eurocentric Thought: Implications on Indigenous Fijian and Indo-Fijian Science Learning and Achievement in Schools. American International Journal of Contemporary Research. 2, (10), pp. 95-101. 
  • Dakuidreketi, M. R., (2014). Scientific method and advent of literacy: towards understanding iTaukei and Indo-Fijian school students’ differential achievement in science.  Universal Journal of Educational Research. 2(2), pp. 99-109. 

Presentations and Proceedings (Conference, Symposiums and Workshop)

  • April, 2006: Attended the annual Continuing and Community Education (CCE) Regional Symposium in Port Villa, (Vanuatu) and presented a paper titled: ‘PACE’ (Partners in the Advancement of Children Education): Making Education More Functional for Communities’.
  • April, 2007: Attended the annual Continuing and Community Education (CCE) Regional Symposium in  Alafua Campus, Western Samoa and presented a paper titled: ‘Highlights and Achievement of ‘PACE’: Lesson for the Pacific’. [Both these conference was funded by the Centre for Continuing and Community Education – Laucala Campus].
  • December, 2008: Attended the University of the South Pacific Lautoka Campus Conference and presented a paper titled: ‘Ethnic Fijian Education: Revisiting the Old Problem of Science Achievement at School’
  • November, 2011: Attended the School of Education (Laucala Campus) Symposium on Technical Vocational Education Training and Non-Formal Education and presented a paper on the community ‘PACE’ Programme (Partners in the Advancement of Children’s Education) 
  • October, 2014:  Attended a workshop in Noumea, New Caledonia on ‘Climate Change Education Inside and Outside the Classroom in the Pacific Region’ . [This conference was funded by UNESCO]

Book Chapters and Reports 

  • Dakuidreketi, M. R. (2008) Ethnic Students Underachievement in Science at School: Cause and Solution. In Dorovolomo, et al (Eds). Pacific education: Issues and perspectives. Lautoka, Fiji: The University of the South Pacific, Lautoka Campus. pp.92-108.
  • Dakuidreketi, M. R. (2008) Highlights of my Career.  In Nabobo Baba, et al (Eds). Pacific educational journeys. Lautoka, Fiji: The University of the South Pacific, Lautoka Campus/School of Education. pp.105-107.
  • Dakuidreketi, M. R. (2014). Making Education More Functional for Communities in Fiji: The case of the Partners in the Advancement of Children Education (PACE) Programme.  In Dakuidreketi & Lingam (Eds). Higher Education and Community Engagement in the Pacific: Development and policy issues. USP Laucala Campus pp. 93-115.
  • Dakuidreketi, M., Nabobo-Baba, U.  & Lingam, G. I. (2014). Rethinking e-education: A challenge for the regional University of the South Pacific.  In Dakuidreketi & Lingam (Eds). Higher Education and Community Engagement in the Pacific: Development and policy issues. USP Laucala Campus pp. 174-191.
  • Dakuidreketi, M.R.; Bakalevu, S. & Maiwaikatakata, T. (2016). Science Education in Fiji. In Vlaardingerbroek, B. & Taylor N. (Eds), Teacher Quality in Upper Secondary Science Education. International perspectives. Palgrave Macmillan: New York.


  • Dakuidreketi, M. R. (2006). Context of Science Teaching and Learning in Fiji Primary Schools: A Comparative Study of Ethnic Fijian and Indo-Fijian Communities. Lautoka: USP Lautoka Campus.
  • Dakuidreketi, M. R, & Lingam, G. I.  (2014). Higher Education and Community Engagement in the Pacific: Development and Policy Issues. USP Laucala Campus. ‘Higher Education and Community Engagement in the Pacific: Development and Policy Issues’ and another one based on my PhD thesis called: ‘Contexts of Science Teaching and Learning in Fiji Schools’

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