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    Dr. Domenica Gisella Calabrò joined USP in 2018 to coordinate the Gender Studies programme. She was awarded a PhD in Cultural Anthropology by the University of Messina, Italy, in 2011, and has a background in foreign languages and literature. Her doctoral thesis investigated the indigenization of rugby in New Zealand and the role the sport has played in the construction of Māori identity, and during her one year fieldwork she was a visiting PhD student at Te Kawa a Māui/The School of Māori Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. In 2016-2017, she completed a postdoc in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, where she was a member of the ERC (European Research Council) funded project “GLOBALSPORT”, focusing on the precarity of masculinity in the context of global sport industries ( Her own research delved into the Māori masculinities produced within rugby, and explored the mobility of Māori rugby athletes in European countries like Italy, France, and the Netherlands. She is now orienting towards women and leadership, feminism in the Pacific region, and in the context of Māori rugby she is interested in female experiences with the game, and women’s opinions on what rugby does to Māori. 


    gender construction, gender inequalities, feminisms, indigeneity, race and ethnicity, identity, cultural change, sport, indigenous studies and methodologies


    • Calabrò, DG (2017) Once were Warriors, now are Rugby Players? Control and Agency in the Historical Trajectory of the Māori Formulations of Masculinity in Rugby. In Aletta Biersack and Martha Macintyre (eds) Emergent Masculinities in the Pacific. London: Routledge. First published as a special issue of TAPJA (see below).
    • Calabrò, DG (2016) Once were Warriors, now are Rugby Players? Control and Agency in the Historical Trajectory of the Māori Formulations of Masculinity in Rugby. The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, 17 (3-4): 231-249.
    • Calabrò, DG (2015) Fostering the rapprochement of anthropology and indigenous studies: the encounter of an Italian anthropologist with Kaupapa Māori research. In Paul Sillitoe (ed.) Indigenous studies and engaged anthropology: The Collaborative Moment, pp. 55-76. Surrey (UK)/Burlington (USA): Ashgate.
    • Calabrò, DG (2014) Beyond the All Blacks Representations: The Dialectic between the Indigenization of Rugby and Postcolonial Strategies to control Māori. The Contemporary Pacific, 26 (2): 389-408.
    • Calabrò, DG (2012) Encountering indigenous knowledge: the journey of an Italian anthropologist researching Māori and rugby. International Indigenous Development Research Conference 2012 – Proceedings, pp.190-196. 



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