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Marshall Islands Campus Staff

USPís Marshall Islands Campus has a staff thatís dedicated to helping students achieve
the best results they can in their chosen courses. In addition to the campus staff listed
below, we have many expert tutors and lecturers in Majuro who assist in our various
programs on a semi-regular basis. As well, tutors, lecturers and professors come to us
from our main campus in Suva, Fiji, and from all around the world to offer the highest
level of education possible.

If you would like to know who will be teaching a certain course, or section of a course,
please contact us at (692) 247-7279.

Campus Director:

Dr. Irene Taafaki.


Irene Taafaki has served as Campus Director since 1998. Trained as a teacher in the UK,
she has a Masters in Supervision and Teacher Professional Development and a Doctorate
in Teacher Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  She has also worked
in the field of Education in the UK, Kiribati, India and the United States.

An academic, researcher and administrator, she has authored books and articles for children,
teachers and parents.  Her most recent publication, co-authored with Maria Kabua-Fowler
and Randy Thaman: Traditional Medicine of the Marshall Islands Ė the Women, the Plants, the
represents the outcome of a five year ethnographic research project.


Academic Programs Coordinator:

Yolanda L. McKay. Cert(GIS) BA PGDEd MEd S.Pac.



Assistant Lecturer for School of Language, Arts & Media:

Sa'a Finiasi

Sa'a Finiasi.  BEd PGDip. MEd S.Pac



Assistant Lecturer in Education:

Mereseini Tikoduadua

Mereseini Tikoduadua. Teaching Certificate [LTC], B.Ed. (Primary), Master in Research (Education) [UTAS]



Senior Librarian:

Taufa Domona.




Pacific Technical and Further Education Coordinator:




Campus Secretary


Marissa Note.

Certificate in Tourism Accounting.

Certificate in Management and Accountancy.

Certificate in Conservation. 




Mautang Baireti. Dip(Acct), BCom, MBA S.Pac.



Banner Operator (Database Manager):



Junior Clerk/Receptionist:



Sepola Lafita.  Dip (Management), BCom(Current) S.Pac



Hygiene and Cleanliness Manager:

Herine Betwel.




Alefaio Semese (Night Security)



Winton Jello (Day-time Security)




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