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What is the Compulsory ELSA Test?

The purpose of the English Language Skills Assessment (ELSA) Test is to find out if students have the English language skills needed for successful university study. The test must be taken by all new students registering for degree-level courses from Semester 1, 2018, irrespective of whether they are doing a certificate, diploma or bachelor's degree programme,

  • including students taking courses online; and
  • including students who have been awarded cross-credits for 100-, 200- and/or 300- level studies from other tertiary institutions.

The ELSA Test assesses your listening, reading and writing skills. 

The Test is available online and is accessible from anywhere as long as you have decent connectivity. You should take the test as soon as possible so you can get your results back early. If you already have access to Student Online Services, you can check your ELSA results there about two weeks after you sat the test.

          Results are reported on a seven-band scale, and an overall total of 6 or 7 allows you to continue immediately with your studies at USP.

          A band score of 5 or lower will require you to undertake additional English Language support only in the skill area where your band score was lower than 5. These support exercises will also be provided online.

          ELSA does not form part of a studentís registration and is free.

          Headphones may be used for the test. Those students who donít have access to headphones may request a pair at a campus or centre near them.


 Who is required to do ELSA?


                        a.        All new degree programme students enrolling in Semester 1, 2018 onwards are required to sit for ELSA.

                        b.        Students resuming  after three years or more (considered as new students under the resumption regulation)


Who is exempted from ELSA?

                        a.        Students with visual and hearing impairments will for the interim be exempted.

                        b.        Students who can show proof that they have attempted ELSA prior to 2018 and received a score of 3 or more.

                         c.        Students with an IELTS score of 5.0 or more (for undergraduate studies)

                        d.        Students who have already completed a degree at USP.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay for the online ELSA test?

At present, there are no charges for the online ELSA test.


Do I need to pay for the online English support exercises?

At present, there are no charges for the online English Language support exercises.


         When should I attempt the test?

You are encouraged to complete the test as soon as you can upon enrolment. The ELSA test has to be attempted before you complete year 1 of your studies as you may not be permitted to enrol for your year 2 courses unless you have fulfilled the requirements of ELSA and the English Language support exercises.


          Is there a sample test available? 

Yes, you can access the DEMO version of the test here.


Important message

Any enquiries regarding the ELSA test can be forwarded to:


FALE Student Learning Support
Laucala Campus
Ph: +679 3232260

You may also email your enquiries to:

Email: kitolelei_a(at)usp.ac.fj OR shailesh.lal(at)usp.ac.fj

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