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Senior Peer Mentoring Program

The Senior Peer Mentoring Program (SPMP), supporting 200 and 300 level courses, is an academic support program that may help increase your academic performance. You get the opportunity to be part of a friendly learning environment with your peers. 

During the session, a high achieving student who has previously excelled in the course assists you with the requirements of a course.

Evidence indicates that students who are assisted by SPMP have a better chance of passing or attaining a higher grade. For instance, in a 200 level Sociology course in Semester 1 2017, a 92% pass rate for those who were SPMP assisted and the majority of the 12 students who attended SPMP sessions scored  B and above.

As part of SPMP, you get to enjoy 4-6 scheduled hours per week here at Laucala Campus. It is strongly recommended that you attend these sessions as they will definitely assist you with the required skills and eventually improve your grade.

Needless to say, this service of free of charge, so take full advantage of this valuable service.

For further enquiries, please contact the PASS Coordinator, Ana Kitolelei on , Phone 3232260 or just drop into the FALE Student Learning Support Hub.

Good luck!

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