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Oceania Arts Centre
The Oceania Arts Centre prides itself as being a hub for the creation of a unique blend of contemporary Pacific island arts. The mainstay of the Centre is the Artist Training and Development - a yearlong Trainee Visual and Performing Artist Residency. The development programme open to USP students and to new and emerging artists from the USP region. Resident Artists have the opportunity to engage in commissioned artworks as well as travel regionally and internationally within a broader cultural diplomacy engagement. Over the years, numerous artists have gone on to win international awards and recognition for their art.
For more information, commission rates and hire charges, contact: Ann Tarte

Oceania Dance Theatre (ODT)
Oceania Dance Theatre is a registered USP trademark for the creation and production of original contemporary performing arts at the University.
ODT was established in 2002 when the late Tuilagi Seiuli Allan Alo was appointed as the Oceania Centre’s first choreographer. Under Hau’ofa’s broad vision of creating a new brand of contemporary Pacific island arts, ODT has grown into its current framing which focuses on original contemporary Pacific choreography and musical compositions.

Oceania Choral Programme: Pasifika Voices (PV)
Pasifika Voices is a registered USP trademark for the creation and production of original contemporary performing arts at the University.
In 2011, Pasifika Voices, a Fiji-based choral youth group joined the Oceania Centre and has since established itself as one of the core performing USP groups. The original group comprised USP students who had performed in the USP Malaga Musical production in 2006 and 2007. Initially known as the Malaga Singers, the group later formed Pasifika Voices and maintained affiliation with the University until official integration in 2011.  

Oceania Visual Arts Programme
The first arts programme housed at the Oceania Centre was its Visual Arts Programme. Initial workshops run by New Zealand based Artists John Pule and Tongan Filipe Tohi led to the establishment of the Red Waves Artist Collective in 1997. Various Red Waves artists have gone on to win national and international awards and are recognized as having made an important contribution to visual arts development through distinctive culture-inspired contemporary styles.

Community Arts Programme
The Oceania Centre offers a range of Social Classes at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. The after-hour programmes run on a 10-week term basis and cater for all age groups. Current offerings include Piano, Guitar, Vocals and Dance.
OCAC FORMS (From Ann) - Social Classes Registration Forms
- Piano        
- Guitar        
- Vocals    
- Dance

Oceania Art Gallery
Since its inception in 1998, the Oceania Centre emphasized communal open spaces that centered on outdoor exhibitions and it was only in 2012, that the Centre opened its first Gallery space. The Gallery of Oceanian Arts is a dedicated gallery space that aims to exhibit Pacific island artists and to host international exhibitions, which contribute to discourse creation on contemporary arts in the USP region. The Centre supports new and emerging artists seeking exhibition advice and assistance.
For more information on Gallery availability and hire contact: Ann Tarte

Niu Sounds Studio

Initially established for the creation of original contemporary Pacific sounds, the Oceania Centre Music Studio has evolved into a commercial arm of the section. Known for its special brand of fusion music, Centre artists are often engaged in commercial enterprise with the hire of studio and artist support as important studio activities.  For more information on Studio availability and commercial rates, contact Ann Tarte

Oceania Centre Pavilion
The Oceania Centre Pavilion began as an arts creation space that housed performance, carving and exhibitions at the Centre. Today it includes the Performing arts stage and an events space available for hire for external events and activities. For more information on Pavilion availability and hire, contact: Ann Tarte

Pacific Outreach Programme

The Pacific Outreach Programme (POP) promotes Pacific Heritage through Culture and the Arts in the wider USP region. Activities include Policy advice, art classes, artist training and development as well as support for in-country events and arts related initiatives.
In 2012, the Polynesia Outreach Programme office was set up at the Alafua Campus in Apia and ran for six years until the passing of the founding Programme Coordinator, the late Allan Alo in 2017. In 2017, the Honiara Campus in Solomon Islands was identified as the base for the Melanesia Outreach Programme Coordinator. The Melanesia office is mobile and rotates between the three USP-Melanesia Countries (Solomon Islands, Fiji and Vanuatu).

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