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See Your Way Clear with Exposť

  • The Mac makes it easy to have multiple applications ó Mail, Safari, iTunes, Pages, iChat, iPhoto, and others ó open at the same time. So how do you quickly switch from Safari, letís say, to Mail?

    Just hold down the Command key and press the Tab key (Command-Tab). Mac OS X immediately displays a mini-Dock with icons for each of your open applications. At the left side of the mini-Dock, youíll see the icon for your current application. Next to it (and highlighted), youíll find the icon for the application you last used. Each time you press the Tab key (without releasing the Command key), you can cycle through your open applications.

    One more tip: You can also use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys to navigate your open applications.

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Quickly Switch Between Applications

  • Mac OS X offers a simple way to see what's on your desktop when you have a lot of windows open. Itís called Exposť, and hereís how you can use it.

    Press the F9 key and Exposť instantly creates thumbnails of the open windows and displays them neatly on your screen. Click the window you want, and Exposť brings it to the front, switching automatically to the appropriate application.

    You can press the F10 key to create thumbnails of the open windows of your current application. Or F11 to move all open windows to the side, so you can see the files on your desktop.


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