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Rethinking Pacific Education Symposium


RPEIPP began as an NZAID-supported (though not led or driven) project in 2001, the Re-thinking Pacific Education Initiative for and by Pacific Peoples (RPEIPP) was initiated and led by a group of Pacific educational leaders. While NZAID's grant support ended in 2007, the influences of RPEIPP have continued on as Pacific educational leaders, scholars and emerging leaders took up the mantle of contextualizing their thinking, scholarship and leadership. At this Pacific regional symposium, Pacific educational leaders, scholars, leaders and emerging leaders will reflect on the past decade of re-thinking as well as envision the future of Pacific education and leadership.


  1. To rigorously assess the vision, experiences and impacts of RPEIPP over the 2001-2011 period;
  2. To reflectively capture the lessons and insights of a "decade of re-thinking Pacific education";
  3. To interrogate educational biases of directions, priority attentions, popular strategies, linkages and systemic negligence; together with the current educational environment;
  4. To purposefully engage and mentor a new cohort of Pacific educators, scholars and researchers; and,
  5. To debate, discuss and create ideas, visions and aspirations for educational development in the Pacific region towards 2025.


Likened to a sea voyage, the RPEIPP Vaka has been sailing the Pacific Ocean for the past 10 years. The Suva 2011 symposium is an opportunity to bring the RPEIPP Vaka ashore to takestock, mend sails, re-set directions and find fresh winds so that we may continue the journey. The symposium has 4 main components:

  • Reflecting on our journey so far: a series of conversations to critically assess the RPEIPP vision for education and leadership, reflect on achievements, losses and challenges. We will ask: Was the journey worthwhile?
  • Mending our sails: a series of papers and commissioned reports on programs and activities identifying lessons learnt from the field. We will ask: What have been the evidences and impacts of RPEIPP on Pacific education/leadership?
  • Setting new directions: a series of conversations/talanoa to set new directions for ongoing/further rethinking Initiatives. We will ask: Where are our new frontiers and how do we get there?

Towards 2025, possible directions for newer thinking for Pacific education / leadership

  • Catching favourable winds: a series of conversations/talanoa on and resources for the future of educational rethinking/leadership re-thinking, sustenance and authenticity. We will ask: How do we take care of our journey into the future?

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