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LEADERSHIP PACIFIC - Growing 1,000 NIU Generation Pacific Leaders by 2015

Leadership Pacific [] is a Cause Movement. It is not an organization. The "cause" is a vision to raise, enhance and improve leadership capacities of Pacific communities (organizations, schools, villages, Churches, clans, sporting groups, families, countries, etc).The Leadership Pacific Movement is made up of individuals and groups of Pacific people who share the vision of Leadership Pacific and believe in its leadership principles and aspirations.

Strategic 5-Year vision

As part of the Leadership Pacific 5-year strategic vision, a key goal is to grow (mentor) 1,000 Niu Generation Pacific leaders by 2015.

The principal approach by which this vision is achieved is by encouraging Pacific people (with hearts for leadership) within organizations, schools, communities and among networks of individuals to purposefully nurture their own leaders. A key strategy of this approach is by training of mentors within organizational, community and country contexts.

Through the development of mentors, an increased new cohort of Pacific leaders are nurtured appropriately and effectively grown with contextually available resources and within the five year timeframe of the Leadership Pacific vision.


Throughout the Pacific region, Leaders-In-Waiting are generally university educated, with advanced technological competencies, exposure to democratic ideals and elaborate networks and connections. Sadly, however, their university education would not have necessarily prepared this new cohort of leaders with the attitudinal, social or particular competencies needed by Leaders-In-Waiting while in "under the radar" supporting public roles.

Further, in the Pacific region, Leaders-In-Waiting within public and private sectors commonly struggle to maintain their positive values because of ethically toxic societal environments. Many literally "just wait" and are not actively supporting their incumbent public leaders. Some Leaders-In-Waiting could be mentoring up-wards but without having obtained certain needed values, skills and attitudes, members of this very able Niu Generation are not influencing and shaping society in optimal ways. Some appear ill-prepared for the changing times and are easily overwhelmed by complex and diverse leadership challenges. The need exists for Pacific Public Leaders-In-Waiting to be deliberately and appropriately trained as mentors.

Leadership Pacific Philosophy, Mission and vision

Leadership Pacific [refer to] has particular underlying views of leadership, and hence, of leadership development. These underlying views in turn shape the mission, values and vision of the Leadership Pacific Movement.

This workshop

This workshop is intended as a professional development programme for Niu Generation Pacific Public Leaders-In-Waiting. Specifically, the workshop will use the philosophy, mission and vision of Leadership Pacific to provide mentorship training for participants as Niu Generation Pacific Public Leaders-In- Waiting. In other words, by applying Leadership Pacific as a case study, participants will have experientially learnt about purposeful mentorship for and by Pacific Public Leaders-In-Waiting.

Learning objectives & outcomes | By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Insightfully share needs, challenges and understandings about Pacific Public Leaders-In-Waiting within different organizational, community and societal contexts.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of how leadership and leadership development are conceptualized through appropriate Pacific eyes.
  3. Apply mentoring skills in varied contexts, based on a Leadership Pacific philosophy for Pacific Public Leaders-In-Waiting.
  4. Develop, debate and agree on visions and actions by Pacific Public Leaders-In-Waiting as individuals, a collective and in partnership with others.

It is expected that following the workshop, participants will establish a new Pacific Regional Mentorship Network. A list of action points are also expected to be discussed and recommended to Leadership Pacific International Executive Committee, the Reference Board and other stakeholder partners.

Duration & participants

This inaugural 1-day Leadership Pacific regional workshop is scheduled to be held in Suva on Tuesday 6 December, 2011, starting at 8.30am and finishing at 4.30pm. Participants are primarily, Pacific Leaders- In-Waiting and who are either members of the Leadership Pacific International Executive Committee or of the Emerging Leaders within PIFS. There will be a limited number of invited participants as well. In addition, mentors will also participate as supporters and resource people.

While participants are not expected to pay registration fees, they are, however, exp cted to be selfmotivated and to actively participate in pre-workshop, workshop and post-workshop activities.

Workshop Facilitators and Trainers

Dr Kabini Sanga (Mentor of Leadership Pacific & Victoria University of Wellington)
Mr Maciu Raivoka (Chair, Leadership Pacific International Executive Committee & VUW)
Dr Cherie Chu (Secretary, LP & Victoria University of Wellington)

Institutional host | The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) is hosting this workshop at the PIFS Headquarters.

Associated Meeting | On Friday 9 December, 2011, the Leadership Pacific International Executive Committee will hold a strategizing meeting as a follow-up to the Tuesday workshop.

Download the program here

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