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  • The impact of new technologies on culture, especially the interaction between the wide range of creative forces in the Pacific and the new media.
  • The positive and negative influences and impact of ICT in social and cultural context.
  • The impact of information, communication and knowledge industries on cultural policies.

Sessions will cover:

ICT and Cultural Policies: Existing and Future Strategies
Analysing the potential common trends in the sphere of culture, heritage and ICT in the Pacific from the national, regional and international perspectives. Examine any existing applications of ICT in the field of culture, with a particular interest in the strategies that Pacific Island nations, cultural and regional organisations and researchers are using for digitalisation of heritage or property, languages and indentity, and suggest strategies for the future. Attention will be drawn to the knowledge industry, culture strategies, policies and best practices.
Digital Content and Existing On-Line Resources
Using ICT for the preservation of cultural knowledge, properties and heritage, languages and identities including digital art, documentation, other creative works to cultivate interest, capture the legacy, and share the knowledge with the peoples of the Pacific. This will be a unique  undertaking which will require existing national, regional and international institutions, researchers and experts to work together to produce such resources for various purposes, in particular education.
Culture, ICT and the Economy
This will embrace and explore the new and potential cultural and creative industries and their usage of ICT; and inclusion in cultural policies in the region. It will include all forms of dance, music, heritage stories, poetry, theatre and chants and languages.
Creation of a e-Culture Community
Building an Internet portal in the field of culture and ICT which will cover activities in the region and the world including best practices. Examine strategies and alliances that can be built around this.
Research in ICT and Culture
Identify research into the potential impacts of ICT on the unique cultures of the South Pacific. As very limited work has been undertaken in this area, and very little published, this opens up unique opportunities for research students at the USP.

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