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Given the need to decentralize roles of central to local governments in the Pacific Island states, they play a vital function. The provision of effective services to citizens in municipalities, local and rural communities is considered crucial. The outcome will impact on boosting employment, providing social services through employment especially in agriculture and marine culture. Given such background it is timely to hold a Conference for leading scholars and policy-makers and practitioners in the field of local government and decentralization to come together and discuss exchange and share ideas.

The objectives of the conference are to question, discuss and document the knowledge presented and discussed in the Conference, some of which have been mentioned. Some specific ones are:-

• What is local government’s role in the future we long for in the Pacific?
• How do we build capacity and strengthen local governments to be more proactive, efficient, accountable, transparent etc given the impact of climate change in rising sea-level, frequent inclement weather patterns, erosion of shorelines, river banks, top-soil etc?.
• How do we measure improvements of local governments in terms of MDG 7?
• Note the changes in the structure and functions of the 1985 “Decentralization in the South Pacific: Local, Provincial and State Government in Twenty Countries” edited by Peter Larmour. & Ropate Qalo to improve upon.
• Document major changes such as the role of locals and their awareness to climate change impacts.

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