Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Welcome Message to New and Existing Students to The University of the South Pacific in 2011

Professor Rajesh Chandra, Vice-Chancellor and PresidentWelcome to the University of the South Pacific (USP) and congratulations on choosing to study in this multi-cultural community of vibrant and learned scholars, professionals and friends. At USP, we are committed to knowledge and learning, the heart and soul of any university.

At USP we encourage our students to be independent and active learners. Make the most of your time here as a student and expand your learning beyond the lecture theatres and library - in theatre and art, music and cultural activities. Acquire the necessary skills and experience to become a well-educated and well-rounded citizen of your own country, the Pacific, and the world.

As a regional University, USP plays an important role in exposing its students to their counterparts from different cultures and countries. Some of our island nations are relatively small, so on arrival at USP some students are often astonished. That initial surprise is soon displaced by a realisation that, as Pacific Islanders, we have much in common. The diversity of the student body at USP, which includes a growing number of international students, truly contributes to a remarkable living and learning experience. A "South Pacific consciousness" is formed that will serve the students well throughout their careers.

As a new student, I urge you to fully utilise the diverse services, resources and progressive technology available at USP and its unrivaled facilities, including the state-of-the art Japan-Pacific ICT Centre, to advance your knowledge and to realise your goals. There will be people available to help you so do not hesitate to seek them out and ask questions. USP students also have many opportunities to test and develop their leadership abilities, either in extra-curricular activities or in more academic areas. The learning and living atmosphere at USP gives students the space to explore their identities and the issues that are important to them. Academic conferences, guest lectures, and open fora ensure that students are exposed to a wide variety of academic perspectives from within and outside the region.

We hope that your time at USP over the next few years will prepare you for an exciting life journey, regardless of the campus at which you are studying. It offers you the unique opportunity to develop your curiosity about the unknown, question what is known and develop your own theories based on the old and latest international thinking. Knowledge is the key to an economically and politically sound future for the Pacific. In you, we groom our leaders for the future ˝ caring, knowledgeable, ethical and enthusiastic and always putting others less fortunate before you.

USP plays an important role in the South Pacific as a higher education provider and as the place where many of the regionÝs future leaders spend their formative years gaining both intellectual exposure and leadership expertise. These skills and attributes prepare and position USP graduates for lifelong success. For most people, a university is not a destination, but rather a stepping stone. No other university connects you with so many of the most influential people around the Pacific. USP alumni hold prominent positions in all walks of life, and it is not unusual to hear gatherings of CEOs and Ambassadors from around the region reminiscing about their days at USP. USP offers opportunities, support, and the best possible future for you.

USP is the only university in the South Pacific with a truly regional reach, a history of success and well-known alumni, and a future that will see it playing an even more important role as a ýthink tankţ that produces innovative and practical solutions to the regionÝs challenges.

USP is your university. It aims to be an integral part of your future, just as we hope that you will continue to be part of our future.

May your journey with USP, in pursuit of knowledge, academic excellence and lifelong learning, be a rewarding and enjoyable one.

Professor Rajesh Chandra,
Vice Chancellor and President,
The University of the South Pacific

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