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Confucius Institute at South Pacific University celebrates "Confucius Institute Day" with Draiba Fijian School

Date: November, 21, 2016 13:07 Age: 1 year


9月30日,南太孔院在苏瓦市德拉布小学举办文化体验活动,隆重庆祝一年一度的孔子学院日。全校三百余名师生参与演出,南太孔院院长余倩莊、中方院长李登贵及德拉布小学校长Suka Teresia出席现场。

余倩莊院长在开幕致辞中回顾了过去四年来南太孔院在文化交流和对话方面做出的努力,并表示将继续不遗余力地深化与德拉布小学的联系与互动,开拓形式,延伸平台,为更多热爱汉语和中华文化的孩子搭建桥梁。德拉布小学校长Suka Teresiazai在随后的讲话中也强调了彼此加强合作的必要性。



Confucius Institute at South Pacific University celebrates "Confucius Institute Day" with Draiba Fijian School

On the 30th of September, the Confucius Institute at South Pacific(CI-USP) held a cultural experience at the Draiba Fijian School in Suva to celebrate the annual Confucius Institute Day. More than 300 teachers and students participated in the performance. Prof. Sin Joan Yee, Director of CI-USP, Chinese Director of CI-USP, Li Denggui and Principal of Draiba Fijian School,Ms Suka.V. Teresia attended the ceremony.

Director Sin Joan Yee,in her opening address, recalled the efforts that was made in cultural exchange and dialogue building between CI-USP and Draiba Fijian School in the past four years. Moreover, she expressed the wish to deepen the links and interaction with Draiba Fijian School, and create more opportunities for children who show great interest in Chinese culture and language. Ms Suka.V. Teresia, principal of Draiba Fijian School, also emphasized the need to strengthen cooperation between CI-USP and Draiba Fijian School.

Surrounded by thunderous applause and constant cheering, students dressed in colorful costumes and sang in a chorus of their own choreography of the Chinese song "Hello, friends," with the most familiar melody to send a different kind of greeting; the subsequent melodious song "Jasmine" and "Everything in the world " vividly interpreted the beauty of Chinese songs. After the Chinese style performance, the students presented the guests and the teachers the most dazzling Fiji traditional dance in colorful island style costumes. Finally, the celebration ended in a relaxed afternoon tea, during which all the students received a token of appreciation from CI-USP.

This activity, with the skillful use of song and dance, has laid an indispensable foundation in enhancing the cultural interaction and broadening Chinese language education in Fiji.



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