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Confucius Institute at USP Held the Tenth Graduation Ceremony for Students of Chinese Language Social Courses

Date: November, 23, 2016 12:30 Age: 1 year




南太平洋大学文法教育学院院长Akanisi Kedrayate博士、斐济华人社团主要负责人、斐济逸仙中文学校校董及中文教师、南太孔院院长余倩莊女士、中方院长李登贵老师、杨慧老师及汉语教师等出席了结业典礼。并由中方院长李登贵老师和杨慧老师为学员颁发

证书授予仪式后,结业晚会在具有斐济风格的舞蹈中拉开了序幕,诗朗诵《面朝大海 春暖花开》深情动人,《中国话》合辙押韵,蒙古族特色舞蹈《蒙古人》以优美的舞姿将晚会推向了高潮,《对面的女孩看过来》《青春修炼手册》也展现了学员的汉语水平,整场晚会在两位学分课学生精湛欢快的斐济舞蹈中落下帷幕。晚会结束后,培训班学员与即将卸任回国的老师——更是他们的朋友拥抱合影,共同留下珍贵而幸福的回忆。



Confucius Institute at USP Held the Tenth Graduation Ceremony for Students of Chinese Language Social Courses

n the evening of the 15th November 2016, the Confucius Institute at USP (CI-USP) held it’s 10th graduation ceremony for the students of Chinese language social courses. About 100 students graduated after one semester’s hard work at the USP Laucala Campus.

Dr. Akanisi Kedrayate, the Dean of Faculty of Arts, Law and Education, the leaders of the Chinese community in Fiji, the
Principal of the Yat Sen Chinese school and Chinese teachers, directors of CI-USP Ms. Joan Yee and Professor Li Denggui, Dr. Yang Hui, and staff attended the ceremony . Professor Li Denggui and Dr. Yang Hui conferred the certificates and Dr. Akanisi and Ms. Chen Wanxian, the Head of Chinese Community in Fiji conferred the excellent students’ certificates.

 After the certificate conferment, an exciting Fijian dance opened up the graduation performance. The following performance left a deep impression on the audience, such as touching poetry recital “Facing the sea with spring, flowers are blossoming”, the energetic song “Chinese Language”.  The Mongolian dance performed by the Social class students impressed the audience, and the Chinese songs “The Girl Look over Here” and “Youth 

Training Manual” showed students’ fluency in Chinese language. The gala evening finished with the cheerful Fijian dance by two credit course students. After the party, some students embraced their teachers who are good friends for them, and took photos to memorize unforgettable moment.

CI-USP has held ten graduation ceremonies since its establishment. The ceremony not
only gives students a platform to show their hard work and encourages students to continue to learn Chinese, but also deepens the influence of CI-USP in the South Pacific.


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