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Learn Chinese, Embrace the World

Date: 13.12.2016 09:00 Age: 1 year



本次活动的主题是“学习中 文,拥抱世界。”各班学员们通过中文歌曲演唱、古诗诵唱、赴华汉语桥比赛旅程分享、毛笔书法演示、中国舞蹈、电影配音、中文短剧、汉语水平考试介绍、吉它独奏等形式展示自己对中华文化的理解与热爱,穿插其中的中华文化奖品抽奖更让庆祝活动成为社区的中华文化狂欢。校区领导还为优秀学员颁奖。

学生管理服务部协调主管纳奥米伯令格女士代表校区在总结致辞中 ,对学员们取得的优异成绩表示热烈的祝贺,对孔子课堂的卢小宁和常建军两位老师表达诚挚的谢意,感谢他们为帮助当地学员学习中文而做的不懈努力。


纳奥米女士鼓励瓦努阿图学生学好中文。“我强烈支持瓦努阿图学生争取奖学金到中国学习。瓦中两国都有着博大精深的文化,我相信通过到中国学习感受中国人的谦逊与友善,学成归国之后你们会更加谦恭。同时,我相信,因为中国是世界上最早步入文明时代的国家之一 ,其文化之博大精深无与伦比。在如此优秀的国度学习理论知识,培养实践技能后回国,会完全适应21世纪所学领域的任何工作需求。我鼓励大家坚持学习中文,因为语言是文化的载体,更是帮助瓦中两国人民增进了解、深化关系的重要工具。”


Learn Chinese, Embrace the World

On Friday 11th of November, the closing ceremony of the Chinese classes was held in the Conference Room at the University of the South Pacific (USP). 

Students from all the courses, representatives from the school management along with friends, families and fellow students from around the campus enjoyed a happy get-together to celebrate the achievements of the students who have been learning the Chinese language at the Confucius Classroom at Emalus campus and the closing of the Chinese courses of 2016.

The theme of the event is “Learn Chinese, embrace the world”.  

Activities include Chinese songs by various students from different Chinese class levels, recitation of ancient poems, sharing experiences of Chinese Bridge Competition in China, demonstration of Chinese calligraphy, Chinese dances, dubbed film, Chinese drama, HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Introduction, guitar solo, raffle and rewards of excellence were presented to students from each level of the Chinese class. 

Ms Naomi Bolenga, the coordinator of the Student Administrative services, delivered a conclusion speech. She extended her warm congratulations to the students and sincere gratitude to Ms Xiaoning Lu and Mr Jianjun Chang for their tireless efforts in helping out the students to learn and master the Chinese language.

“Since its establishment last year, the Confucius Classroom of USP Emalus Campus has not only promoted the Chinese language teaching and the introduction of Chinese culture with the Ni-Vanuatu students but has also become an important platform for promoting bilateral cultural exchanges and cooperation through the joint efforts of our two countries and for that I would like to congratulate the Confucius Classroom for the outstanding work so far. 

One of the most important achievements for the Confucius Classroom this year is the launching of the Confucius Classroom Scholarship which allows the students who have passed the two first year Chinese Language courses, LL181 and LL182 direct entry to any academic programs at any Tertiary Institute in China. 

I would therefore like to encourage you all students of the Confucius Classroom at Emalus Campus to never give up but continue to pursue this dream to master the Chinese Language because I know for sure that even though it might seem difficult at the beginning, the end is always rewarding, especially if you are fortunate to be awarded a scholarship to study in China.”

Ms Naomi also expressed her support for the Chinese language learning. 

“I strongly support Ni-Vanuatu students studying in China under the Chinese Scholarship because China has a very rich culture similar to Vanuatu’s rich culture and I believe ni-Vanuatu students who study in China return home humbled by the humility and friendship they experience and learn from the Chinese. 

I also believe that because China is one of the very first civilizations of the world, its knowledge base can be compared to none and students who study in China return home with an exceptionally high quality of both theory and practical knowledge which is fitting and suitable for any 21st Century Workplace providing jobs for their respect fields of study. 

 I therefore encourage you to continue to learn the Chinese Language because language is a vehicle of culture and it is an important tool to help the Ni-Vanuatu and Chinese people better understand each other and their cultures for stronger ties and relationships between the two countries.”







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