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Symposium on the 5th Anniversary of the Construction and Development of the Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific was held in BUPT

Date: January, 16, 2017 16:30 Age: 335 days

Symposium on the 5th Anniversary of the Construction and Development of the Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific was held in BUPT

On December 20, 2016, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications celebrated the Confucius Instituteís fifth anniversary, and held the symposium successfully. Representatives from Office of Administration, International Office, Organization Department, Finance Department, Department of Personnel, School of Humanities, School of Network Security and all the previous and current teachers of CI-USP except the new Chinese Director Dr. Yang Hui, who is still working at CI-USP, altogether more than 30 representatives participated in the symposium. Professor Ren Xiaomin, the Vice-President of BUPT and the rotating President of CI-USP, presided over the symposium.

After watching the video of CI-USP, Professor Li Denggui, the first Chinese Director gave a detailed review of the hard work and achievements of the CI-USP over the past five years, showing that it has made great progress in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and promoting Chinese culture to the people of the South Pacific countries, and has made positive contributions to the local economic, cultural and social development.

President Qiao Jianyong first affirmed the Strong support from USP and hard work of the teachers and expressed his heartfelt congratulations on the excellent results. President Qiao recalled the moving scene of the opening ceremony of the Confucius Classroom in Cook Islands in 2015 and was proud of the work and the exchanges and contacts with Professor Rajesh Chandra and the local government leaders. He pointed out that the teachers at CI-USP not only paid great attention to extending the physical space of the institute, but also enhanced BUPTís academic influence. President Qiao encouraged CI-USP to continue the legacy, he said that the last five years was only a good start, and we need to further the development. President Qiao is also looking forward to participating the IFUP-ICTí2017 (The 9th International Forum for University Presidents on Information and Communication Technology Education 2017), which will be held in USP, he is hoping that BUPT and USP can actively involve and take the advantages of the forum.

Chairman Wang Yajie shared his positive comments on CI-USP, which was brought by his communication with Hanban's main leaders. Hanban thought that the Confucius Institute at USP is a shining pearl in the South Pacific Ocean. He stressed that the teachers adapted with the special environment of the South Pacific region, successfully conquering the natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes, and tropical viruses and so on. Five years' work was not easy. He expressed a deep gratitude to USP leaders and teachersí strong support and all the teachersí efforts. Recalling the construction of CI-USP in the last five years, Chairman Wang said that a lot of work was still vivid, and BUPT always paid a great concern about the teachers working in foreign countries. BUPT is very pleased and satisfied with the achievements of CI-USP. He hopes in the future, CI-USP can expand and spread the information technology in the South Pacific countries.

During the symposium, the teachers from CI-USP shared their own experiences and feelings in the South Pacific countries, their dedication to the teaching, their love for the Chinese culture, and their intimate friendship with the local students received the warmest applause from the participants. The applause is from the spontaneous appeal, and it is the great affirmation and encouragement for the work they have done. The heads from the various functional departments, the participating schools and the relevant units also gave high recognition to the achievements made by CI-USP over the past five years and expressed their deep respect and promised to give strong support for the future development of CI-USP.

The main responsible leader of CI-USP in BUPT, Vice-President, Professor Ren Xiaomin recalled many unforgettable experiences when he led the relevant functional departments and units to form a team to initiate and construct the CI-USP, which is a wonderful page of BUPT's educational history. He once again reiterated and strengthened the great significance of the establishment of the Confucius Institute at The University of South Pacific. He believed that it is a good opportunity for academic cooperation in literature, Chinese culture and related disciplines in the field of humanities and social sciences. In addition, Professor Ren reaffirmed the goal of our CI-USP, emphasizing that "there are our sincere friends; there are our two countryís strategic interests, there is our common cause." With such exhortation and responsibility, the teachers said that they will continue to devote themselves to the work of CI-USP, and will contribute their strength in building a global Model Confucius Institute, developing a healthy relationship between China and the South Pacific countries, and promoting the development of a multi-cultural and harmonious world.

Since its founding in 2011, due to the distinctive features of the regional campus of The University of the South Pacific, CI-USP has established a Headquarter CI in Laucala Bay Campus, a Confucius Classroom in Emalus Campus in Vanuatu, a Confucius Classroom in Cook Islands Campus, and a teaching point in Lautoka campus. The CI-USP has the enrollment of more than 2700 students, held more than 110 cultural activities, participated in the reception of national leadersí visits twice and high profile visits five times, recommended 19 secondary schools and universities students to participate in the Chinese Bridge, recommended 11 Confucius Institute scholarship students, and completed the Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati, Solomon, Fiji (Labasa) and other countries and regionsí research work. This is well over fulfilled the first five-year plan in 2012 - 2016 of CI-USP, it got twice the Excellent Individual Awards from Hanban, and now the realization of building the global Model Confucius Institute at USP is underway.

Symposium for 5th annivesary for CI-USP


The first Chinese Director Professor Li Denggui


The President of BUPT Professor Qiao Jianyong

The Chairman of BUPT Mr. Wang Yajie

The vice-President of BUPT Professor Ren Xiaomin

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