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Dragon Dance in Draiba Fijian School--Chinese New Year Celebration and to Welcome the Lantern Festival

The Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific (CI-USP) hosted a Chinese New Year Celebration at Draiba Fijian School on the 10th of February, 2017. CI-USP also celebrated and welcomed the Lantern Festival, bringing the Chinese New Year Celebration series to a perfect ending. 

About one hundred students and teachers of Draiba Fijian School attended this event.  The students watched videos which introduced Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival and gained knowledge and understanding on Chinese traditional festivals. In the interactive session, CI teachers prepared interesting cultural questions and everyone competed to answer questions. Some of the answers were so funny that the theater filled with laughter. The red packets which had candies inside were given as gifts, and everybody experienced a glimpse of Chinese New Year traditions and culture through the game.

The Dragon Dance is the traditional activity during the Lantern Festival. CI-USP prepared some materials for the Dragon Dance activity for students. Even though resources were limited, students and teachers were passionate in making the Chinese Dragon. Students used their imagination and cooperated with each other to make a Fijian version of a Chinese Dragon. Then students showed their work on the playground, showcasing their dragon to the rest of the school. Students used a lantern to resemble a ball to begin the Dragon dance. There were no professional guides or tools, but the students’ were so passionate and eager to learn about the Chinese Dragon that the result was beyond everyone’s expectations. 

At the end of the activity, Dr. Hui Yang, the Director of the CI-USP gave students notebooks and pencils as a Chinese New Year’s gift. The children were thrilled to celebrate Chinese New Year, and their squeals of excitement and laughter will forever be remembered. 

 CI-USP wishes the teachers and students of Draiba Fijian School happiness and success in the New Year. 


















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