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Date: 22.05.2017 09:43 Age: 279 days


由南太平洋大学孔子学院主办的讲座——“体验奇妙的中医”(Experiencing the Wonder of Traditional Chinese Medicine )5月4日下午在南太大学举办,主讲人涂志辉医生带领现场数十名听众结合理论与实践在中医的神奇世界里深入浅出,在推广中医、宣传中国文化方面取得了非常好的效果。







CI USP Cultural Lecture: Experiencing the Wonder of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Zhihui Tu is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and nutritionist of South Pacific Rehabilitation and Health (Fiji) LTD. On the 4th May 2017, Doctor Tu presented a wonderful Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Lecture to the locals in cooperation with the Confucius Institute of The University of South Pacific. Doctor Tu led the audience to experience the wonder of traditional Chinese medicine, combining both theory and practical medicine. Dr. Tu shared a lot about Chinese medicine and his lecture was very informative.

The lecture started at 5:30pm at the Australia-Pacific Performance Space in USP. Many turned up (including the students and staffs of USP, local Fijians, Indians and Chinese who are interested in TCM) and arrived early in eagerness to attend the lecture. 

After Dr. Hui Yang, the director of the Confucius Institute of The University of the South Pacific, introduced Doctor Tu before he began the lecture. Firstly, Doctor Tu guided the participants to do a set of actions such as rubbing hands, rubbing faces and lifting arms in a particular way. The audience experienced the wonder of TCM through this simple process and the interest began to grow.   Doctor Tu cited the story of Youyou Tu who won the Nobel Peace in Medicine by finding Artemisinin (a kind of Traditional Chinese Medicine element) to tell the audience that TCM has already been recommended by the world. Then he showed the picture of a Chinese stamp (the Cupping stamp of Olympic Games players) to the guests. He introduced the different kinds of cuppings made by different materials, and then led them to experience the Cupping.

It took about one and a half hour for doctor Tu to introduce the advantages and characteristics of TCM, TCM in the process of internationalization and the demands of TCM in Fiji based on the nation’s health conditions. He also led the participants to experience “Qi”, meridians and collaterals which are the two basic elements of TCM. In a practical session, Doctor Tu was able to determine the health conditions of every participant by feeling the pulse. Then, he led the participants to experience different procedures of Cupping and Acupuncture. Many participants showed their interests in TCM and appreciation for the treatment. 

“The Belt and Road” not only talks about the basic infrastructure constructions but also contains cultural aims such as publicizing TCM. Doctor Tu emphasized that the purpose of this lecture is to promote TCM culture and to allow more foreigners to accept the treatment of TCM.

We hope this lecture will attract more and more locals to have an interest in this cultural and very advantageous form of traditional medicine. TCM could improve the health condition of locals and the medical care system here in Fiji. TCM can benefit both China and Fiji.








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