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Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific held “My Science Fiction Childhood” Children Painting Works Exhibition at Adi Cakobau School

Date: July, 24, 2017 17:13 Age: 145 days

Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific held “My Science Fiction Childhood” Children Painting Works Exhibition at Adi Cakobau School

2017年5月24日下午,南太平洋大学孔子学院走进校园系列活动——“我的科幻童年”在 Adi Cakobau School(斐济女子中学)举办。南太平洋大学孔子学院中方院长杨慧女士和外方院长余倩庄女士出席活动,并与学校负责人进行了会谈。


活动中,孔院志愿者老师们带领Adi Cakobau School(斐济女子中学)近40名师生有序欣赏了这些色彩斑斓、天真烂漫的手绘作品。当孔院老师告诉学生们这些画作者的年龄只有8-12岁时,他们更是感到无比惊讶,纷纷竖起大拇指为作者点赞。学生们对这些源自生活却富有创造性的画作表现了极大的兴趣,争先恐后地与大家分享自己的观后心得。不少学生跃跃欲试甚至萌发了想来南太平洋大学孔子学院学习中国绘画的念头。最后,孔院老师为学生们分发了白纸,希望他们能尝试这些独特的作画方式,在神奇的绘画空间里创造属于自己的梦想世界。

本次活动,不仅让Adi Cakobau School的学生了解了中国儿童的绘画世界,更加深了南太平洋大学孔子学院同Adi Cakobau School之间的交流 ,拉近了中国语言文化与Adi Cakobau School学生们的距离。

Adi Cakobau School(斐济女子中学)始建于1948年,是斐济政府为培养优雅知识女性而开创的一所寄宿学校。到2001年,斐济主要社会名流和精英毕业于该校和另外一个维多利亚女王学校(男子中学)。该校首任当地校长曾担任斐济副总理,合唱团还专门为伊丽莎白二世和菲利普王子进行了演出,并于60-70年代到澳大利亚、新西兰巡演,他们演出的斐济传统歌曲“再见”《Ise Lei》被收入“人类秘密博物馆”, 并作为电影《Open Water》的主题曲。

In the afternoon of May 24, 2017, Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific held “My Science Fiction Childhood” Painting Exhibition at Adi Cakobau School (ACS). Chinese Director of CI-USP Dr. Yang Hui and Local Director of CI-USP Ms. Joan Yee attended the event, and had meeting with the principal of ACS.

The exhibition works were provided by The Culture Department and The Children’s Library of Henan Province. The 30 works of children’s paintings covered different themes such as environmental protection, living, science and technology and so on. The adolescent authors carried out creative and artistic expression towards human social life, social development and science and technology through scientific imagination and the use of painting language.

During the event, the volunteer teachers of CI-USP led the teachers and students of ACS at a number of around 40 to appreciate these colorful, innocent hand-painted works. When CI teachers told the students that the authors of these paintings were only around 8-12 years old, they were surprised and had their thumbs up for the authors. The students showed great interest in these creative paintings that originated from life, and scrambled to share their thoughts with others. Many students eager to have a try and even germinate the ideas of coming to CI-USP to learn Chinese painting. At last, CI teacher distributed white papers to students for them to try these unique ways of painting, and hoped they can create their own dream world in the magic space of painting.

This event not only allowed the students of ACS to understand the Chinese children's painting world, but also deepened the communications between CI-USP and ACS, which narrowed the distance between Chinese language and culture and the students of ACS.

Adi Cakobau School was founded in 1948. It is a boarding school established by Fiji Government to cultivate elegant and educated women. By 2001, Fiji's major social celebrities and elites were graduated from this school and another Boy’s High School —Queen Victoria School. The first local principal of the school served as The Deputy Prime Minister of Fiji. The choir of the school had also specifically performed for Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, and had their tour to Australia and New Zealand in the 60-70's. The Fiji traditional song《Ise Lei》 (Good-bye) performed by them have been included in “The Human Secret Museum”, and was the theme song of the movie 《Open Water》.




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