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Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific Lautoka Campus Celebrated Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Date: 24.07.2017 17:17 Age: 210 days

Confucius Institute at The University of the South Pacific Lautoka Campus Celebrated Chinese Dragon Boat Festival



黄杰老师耐心地为校区主管 Dr. Devi介绍各种端午习俗,并为师生们准备了端午节相关的视频资料,让大家对端午节有更多了解。Dr. Devi 表示孔子学院在每一次活动中认真进行活动场地布置,融合了很多中国元素在其中,直观明了,非常漂亮。同时,她建议孔子学院可以延长活动展示的时间,能让更多的学生有机会了解中国文化,加入到学习汉语的队伍中。劳托卡校区活动展示负责人Siwa 也同样表示如果能在图书馆做展示将有更学生有机会了解中国的节日。 



On 26 May, Confucius Institute Lautoka Teaching Point at The University of the South Pacific (CI-USP Lautoka) held a function to celebrate Chinese Dragon Boat Festival with staff and students in USP Lautoka campus. Dr. Pramila Devi, Director of USP Lautoka Campus, also attended this function.

By 10:00 am, the Chinese lecture room has already been decorated with Chinese lucky knots, Beijing Opera masks and paper-cuts made by students. Posters and pictures with Chinese characteristics were shown on walls to introduce the story of Qu Yuan, Dragon boat, Zongzi and customs of this festival. CI Lautoka teaching point prepared Chinese traditional food Zongzi, fruits, snacks and beverage for participants. On the exhibition booth, ingredients of Zongzi, such as bamboo leaves, sticky rice, Chinese dates, peanuts and red beans were presented beautifully. After tasting the ingredients, many participants found them exotically delicious and different from local food.

Chinese teachers at CI-USP Lautoka Campus introduced the various customs of Dragon Boat Festival by oral presentation and video watching, building a better understanding of this festival for the participants. Dr. Devi spoke highly of the exquisite decoration of Chinese elements and appreciated the efforts CI has put in in every event. She also suggested an extension of this display, for the benefit of some staff and students who couldn’t make it today and to promote CI Chinese language course. Ms. Siwagami Devi, Library Officer of USP Lautoka, hoped CI could arrange display in the library as well, in which case more students could have the chance to know Chinese culture.

At the end of the function, participants raised questions about Chinese culture and shared thoughts and ideas with each other, wishing CI to achieve more and higher in the future.

CI-USP has been devoted into Chinese language and cultural promotion in western Fiji, which was fully supported by USP Lautoka Campus. CI-USP Lautoka teaching point will continue their work in providing Chinese language course and cultural workshops for the western community, aimed to create a better environment for language learning and culture promotion. 









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