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Briefings of Graduation Ceremony of S1 2017

Date: August, 01, 2017 10:02 Age: 138 days

Briefings of Graduation Ceremony of S1 2017


结业式上由渔业部官员Tim Costelloe 和 Ben Ponia为学生颁发结业证书和纪念品。职业培训班的学员表演了库克群岛警察登船检查的情景对话,中级1的学员表演了巧遇邻居的短剧。学生们的表现赢得了阵阵掌声。接下来全体学生合唱了中国歌曲《茉莉花》。

最后校区顾问委员会主席Tevai Matapo 简单回顾了库克群岛孔子课堂成立两年来的发展。自2015年10月库克群岛孔子课堂成立以来,学习人数逐年增加。在校区的支持下,课堂的影响力也越来越大,为汉语推广和中国文化在库克群岛的进一步传播打下了坚实的基础。

本学期的职业培训就是在校区经理Rod Dixon与渔业部领导多次积极沟通下促成的。学员由三名警察和两名渔业局官员组成,学习内容因贴近学生工作场景而易于学生接受和掌握。渔业部官员对学员们的表现很满意,希望孔子课堂能继续提供这一职业培训,华南渔业公司领导也表示,愿意为渔业部的汉语培训继续提供资助,以促进库克群岛警察与中国渔船船员之间的沟通。

中级1学员August Meyer 接受记者采访时指出自己很享受学习汉语的过程,汉语课能在库克群岛开设是件很幸运的事情。也很高兴看到这么多库克人学习汉语。


Graduation Ceremony for Semester 1, 2017 of the Confucius Classroom at USP Cook Islands Campus was held on the 12 of June. Eighteen students were graduated. The day was celebrated with the students, accompanied by their family and friends, and invited guests Mr. Tim Costelloe and Ben Ponia, officials from MMR, Mr. MinLiu, the Manager of Huanan Fisheries (Cook Islands) as well as the officials of the USP campus total to more than 30 people attended the ceremony.

Mr. Costelloe and Mr. Ponia awarded certificates and prizes to the students. After the conferment of certificates, was the performance by the students. Students of the in-house training gave the situational show of boarding policemenís inspection. Students from Social Class Intermediate 1 performed a role play. Their wonderful performances were appreciated with warm applauds. Following that all students sang the famous Chinese song Jasmine Flower in chorus.

At the end of the graduation, Mr. Tevai Matapo, the Chairman of USP Cook Islands Campus briefly reviewed the development of the Confucius Classroom for the past two years. Student number has been increasing steadily since its inauguration in October 2015. With the help of USP Campus Managers, Confucius Classroom is becoming increasingly popular. This has laid a solid foundation for the future Chinese language and culture teaching in the Cook Islands.

The in-house training of MMR is the result of active negotiations of Mr. Rod Dixon, the Director of USP Cook Islands campus, with MMR. Three policemen and two MMR officials took the first training course. The learning outcome is satisfactory because the course was designed based on their needs in real work scenarios. The MMR officials hoped Confucius Classroom would continue with the in-house training. Huanan Fisheries Manager also expressed the wish to continue sponsoring the program.

Mr. August Meyer a student from the Social Intermediate Level 1 Class said to the journalist that he is very much enjoyed the course of learning the Chinese language and it is very fortunate for a small island to have the courses available here. ďItís really good to know that many people took the opportunity to learn the Chinese language.Ē

With CITVís report on the Graduation Ceremony, the Confucius Classroom is not only more popular with people from Rarotonga but is also known by people from outer islands of the country via TV news.


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