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Nicolas Fuata

Well my studies in psychology has enabled me to pursue a career that I have always wanted to do, which is to help people (especially our people in the Pacific).This has enabled me to become the school counselor at Suva Grammar School and now the Psychologist for Fiji Prisons and Corrections Services. Finally the units taught at USP are relevant and practical and prepares me well to administer my work. (Nicholas Fuata)


Elly Bano

Studying Psychology has been life changing for me.
It has taught me important Topics like: Life development stages, using rewards and punishment to encourage or discourage behavior, the importance of having a Social Support Network, importance of understanding cross cultural topics so we can work together with members of other cultures in our society. It has taught me important Skills like: Listening, observing, empathy, sympathy, questioning and good communication skills.
By doing Psychology I learnt the importance of understanding ETHICS which is very important for our work environment and also in our personal life. Overall - Psychology has taught me how to look at the world through a more non-judgment lens. I have learnt to accept the fact that people behave (as they do) due to life experiences, their up bringing, environmental influence and culture. (Elly Bano. PGD in Psychology)

Saimone S M Tuni

My qualifications in Psychology have always been the key to the excitement in my changing career. In the formative years of my studentship as a Psychology major, people have said that while it is difficult it is also a course of study that had no career path. With my psychology background, I changed from being an early childhood and primary school teacher assistant, to a secondary school teacher & counsellor. Later on after completing Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology, I was contracted by the Fiji Health Sector Improvement Program, an Ausaid funded program aimed at improving community health, as the Central Eastern Division Mental Health Project Officer. Again with Psychology as my trump card, I was later interviewed and offered the position of National Project Officer, Suicide Prevention (NCOPS) and Mental Health for the Ministry of Health (Fiji). I was also employed as a Part Time Tutor Marker in Psychology at the University of the South Pacific. Today, Psychology has earned me an International IAB scholarship to study in Melbourne, Australia where I am currently pursuing a Master of Counselling. (Saimone Simione Morua Tuni)

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